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10 December 2010

What I’m Wearin’…  string-of-pearls


You probably can’t see this photo very well (I got to get me a new camera!) but this is just a casual outfit that was thrown together for work!  It’s sooooooooo cold outside now!  I put on grey leggings underneath this Calvin Klein dress and covered up with a jean jacket.  I wore my silver buckle flats which nearly killed me because they are peep toe!  ahh well!  Anyway, my hair was slicked back into a ponytail and there’s a feather stuck in it!  I’m soooo lovin’ feathers this season!  Finished this look off with my silver pyramid deco earrings!

The bargains:

Dark Wash Jean Jacket from Lane Bryant, $25

Calvin Klein Dress in Cobalt from Ross, $30

Silver Buckle Flats from Belks, $14

Pyramid style earrings from Claire’s, $0.50

Grey Leggings from Lane Bryant, $6

Orange, Purple, and Brown Feather from Local Beauty Supply, $2

All together:  $77!

Not bad, not too good either!  all well, these pieces were bought over time.  I’ve had the jean jacket for about ten years!


What I’m Lovin’… lipstick11

Hey blogger babies!  You’ve heard me rave about Miss Maddie from Sweet T and Mad E, remember?!?  Well, this week, she was nice enough to feature me in her blog and I’m Lovin’ it!  She’s a real sweetie and knows her stuff when it comes to fashion!  Click the pic below to read her post on me, The Dumpy Duchess!  :o) !!!!

the duchess

You can catch her on her cute blog or at Lookville.com tellin’ folks how it is!  Make sure to follow her on her blog so you can get in on her Prize Giveaways!  Plus, she gives some of the greatest tutorials, like this one on how to make beautiful Christmas bows!!!  Thanx Maddie D.  I really appreciate the showcase!


What I’m Hearin’…antique_radios

  hmmmm…….What has been the song in my head and in my heart for this week?  My faith has been tested a lot these past few days.  This song helps me remember what is important- to let the light of God shine through you!  Even when I want to get upset, I have to remind myself that anger, jealousy, backbiting, gossiping, and the etc., blocks that light.  I hope you enjoy this!

     Ricky Dillard & New Generation – The Light

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~ The Dumpy Duchess

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