09 November 2010

black and white? .... boring? you tell me!

 Hello!  Back again!  
What I'm Wearin'!:
This is an outfit I wore to church a few weeks back.  I love a good bargain!  This white blazer I got from Macy's for $30!  I wear it a lot with the sleeze rolled up and i call it my "Miami Vice".  No need to explain that one.  This is one item in my wardrobe that I am soooooo glad I purchased.  I get a lot of wear out of it and it has held up pretty well!
Okay!  I'm not a sleeveless kinda girl but I figured I'd show you what only the dress looked like.  It was purchased from Cato's for $14.  Yay me!!!

These shoes come from an After Season clearance sale at Belk's last month for $12.  I thought they were really cute.  You can't see it in this picture but there is detailing on the shoe that went really well with the detailing on my dress.

You can see it a little better here (the pic is turned to the side...ahh well):

Well, whatcha think?

What I'm Lovin'!:

Jazzalynnez' Jewelry!!!  If you are on facebook, check her out!  A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Jakalynne Jones, the founder and creator, who has been making her own jewelry since November of 2009.  She's a real sweetie and is known for her beautiful statement pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, bangles, belts, earrings, and rings!  Also, thanx to my special request, she's going to be making shoe clips as well!  Yay!!!  I adore you J and you'll be hearing from me again really soon!  Below are some pieces that I snagged at her last jewely breakfast party:

This stunning bracelet in purple jems and gold backsplash for $17.  Everyone there was so upset that I broke up the set!  Yes, i had a matching necklace but I fell in love with the bracelet!

This beautiful necklace sold to me for $8.  I always wear with it with my grey drape cardigan.  When my ensemble doesn't call for the blue that is inlaid in this piece, i just flip it over since it is all silver on the other side!

Here are some of the beautiful pieces that she has on her Facebook site and she has HUNDREDS more.  She can be contacted under Facebook as Jazzalynnez' and her prices are VERY reasonable.


What I'm

There's always a song in my head and my heart!  Here goes today's: 
Jill Scott's "I Keep" and "Still Here" from the album 'Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2'

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  1. Lovin the blog ! I followed because I definitely like to see what you are wearing, loving, and hearing. Great concept. Also, thanks for informing us about the jewelry line. Lovin those pieces you posted! Definitely gonna check her out. Good luck with your blog !

  2. Hey girl! I love your style! Thanks for following me on my blog! I think its so cool that you are from Statesboro! i'm from augusta! Look forward to more of your posts! Keep it up!

  3. @The Chic Leopard: hey Aissa! I love your blog! leopard is so sexy! thanx for the compliment on my blog's layout! Tried to do something fresh. Please do check out Jazzalynnez. She's a true sweetie and if you don't see something you want on her site, let her know and she'll try her best to make it happen. She also uses paypal and she's very reasonable with her prices. Sets (earring and necklace or necklace and bracelet) usually range between ten and twenty five dollars.

    @Maddie: girrrrl!! it was my pleasure, following you! I vote on pretty much everything you say on lookville (LOL) so vote me too! your blog is cute as pie! I love your list of interests! we southern girls are so divine!



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