At the Wheel Again…

21 December 2010


string-of-pearlsWhat I’m Wearin’…


Well, I got some good feedback about the last post so as the title says, I’m “at the wheel again!”  Playing with colors in the winter is so refreshing.  So, here’s what I wore to church recently.


Yayyy for my $6 top!


My chunky bracelets, gifted earrings and yellow tote!

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All together now!

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Ready to go!!!


The Bargains: 

Tomato Red Trench from Cato’s Fashions, $15

Black Trousers from Lane Bryant, $14

Mustard Yellow 3/4 sleeve blouse from Cato’s Fashions, $6

Red Snakeskin pumps from Shoe Department, $5

Lavender Pashmina from CVS Pharmacy, $5

Yellow Tote from Cato’s Fashions, $13

All Together:  $58!!!  Woo Hoo!!!


lipstick11What I’m Lovin’…


I got a phone call from Lane Bryant they are having a before Christmas Sale!  Okay, so everyone knows that Lane Bryant is the big girl’s Mecca!  Even though, if you frequently shop there you run the risk of wearing what every other plus sized princess is wearing too.  But, who doesn’t like a good ol’ clearance every now and then?!!?  The key is to purchase wardrobe pieces and make them unique.  So, shop the sale by clicking on the pic below!  There are even some pieces as low as five bucks!!!! Happy Shopping!!!!


Here are some items that I’m hoping to purchase from the sale this week:

1.  First up, my favorite wardrobe piece EVER!  The pencil skirt in denim!

2.  Peek-a-boo, I see you underneath an awesome blazer!  Ruffle tube top.  The one pictured has a fushia backdrop in the print.  The one I want to purchased has a teal backdrop.

3.  A denim shirt dress.  I love these!  They can be dressed up for church or going out or dressed down for a casual Saturday!  Let’s hear it for versatility!

4.  mmmmm, velvet leggings!  I’m into leggings this year!  They are so hot and they’re coming out in every color and texture under the sun!  Check out popular blogger, Chasity Garner of The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style and GarnerStyle for her post on sequins leggings, here!  ooohhh ahhh!!

5.  Asymmetrical zip jacket in lime.  I usually try to stay away from pastels since they are not in my color palette, but I love the cut of this jacket.  It comes in navy too but I’ve already got a navy jacket!


antique_radiosWhat I’m Hearin’…


Well babies, I’ve done an entire blog post and I’ve not mentioned much of anything about the upcoming holidays!  So, let’s kick Christmas off with a beautiful song by the lovely Mariah Carey and her beautiful mother Patricia Carey!  Mariah is an honorary member of the plus sized population, at least for the time being, since she’s pregnant!  Congratulations to her and hubby Nick Cannon!

O Come All Ye Faithful/Hallelujah Chorus



Bye bye for now blogger babies!  Love you all and don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook!

~ The Dumpy Duchess

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