04 December 2010

Betting At A Wedding!

What I’m Wearin’…  string-of-pearls

Sooooo, my cousin got married last weekend!  Yay for her, panic for me!  I never know what to wear to a wedding.  I’m not really the floral, romantic type and that’s usually what is worn to weddings right?  So, I thought about it for a great deal and I remembered that I had recently picked up a floral top from It’s Fashions while it was on clearance and it’s still hanging in my closet and never worn.  I figured I’ll pair it with nice colors for the fall.  


So, here is the end result…When I finally tried the top on, i discovered that it was waaaay too big.  I had to downsize it by doing a slim bottom so I went for a pencil skirt.  Also, it was sleeveless so I covered up with a fuchsia cardigan.  Overall, I was pleased with the look.  The ensemble created a sort of “peplum” look.  By the way ladies, if you have imperfect midriff, a peplum dress is ideal!  That extra piece of material that goes around the waist will cover all the lumps up while creating a very feminine silhouette.  See below… 


See more examples here.



and my shoes…they were a little wobbly but not too high so they were okay.


and the back…


Not pictured, I paired it with a teal, knotted clutch..

The bargains:

Teal clutch, $7 @ Cato’s Fashions

Floral Choker Neck top, $12 @ It’s Fashions

Black Pencil skirt, $5 @ CitiTrends

Fuchsia Cardigan, $7 @ Just My Size for Walmart

Black Booties, $10 @ Cato’s Fashions

All together:  $41!!!  woo hooo!!

What I’m Lovin’… lipstick11

The merger between popular plus-size retailer, Torrid and the online plus–size mall, OneStopPlus! 


As I’ve said before, OneStopPlus has the greatest clearances when it comes to plus sized fashions.  Their merging with Torrid, to me, shows their commitment to offering trendy, affordable, and quality clothes to the voluptuous woman!   Usually with Torrid, you have to “catch” their sale which is offered at the last minute and only for a limited time like a weekend or a couple of days.  OneStopPlus KEEPS a clearance section which has their on sale and clearance items available until they are out of stock.  I hope that clearance items for Torrid will be done the same way.  One thing I truly love about OneStopPlus is that every piece of clothing that they have, has the option to be reviewed by someone who has purchased it before.  Their customers are usually very honest, so no surprises when you get it home!  Click the link above to check out the site and the new Torrid section. 


Check out a previous blog posting that I did on OneStopPlus and their history making fashion show at New York’s Fashion week.

What I’m Hearin’…antique_radios

Everytime I leave a wedding, I come home being a huge sack of gushy emotion!  So, I’m gonna leave two songs.  (it’s my blog!  I do what I want….LOL)  First up is the song I’d love to have played at my own wedding…**fingers crossed**……the lover, the voice, the tearjerker… Luther Vandross


Up next is another love song that’s been in my head and my heart for the week.  None other than the lady, the mystery, the goddess…….SADE


That’s it folks!  Love you guys!  Hope you enjoyed your holidays!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook!  

~ The Dumpy Duchess

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