11 December 2010

Ms. West and the Wheel…

What I’m Wearin’…  string-of-pearls


Before I even get started, please forgive my horrible camera!  Maybe Santa will be good to me this year and send me a better one!  lol  **hint** **hint** !!!

This is what I wore to church last Sunday!  Let me give a little back story to this outfit!  As a fashion blogger, I frequently read what other Plus sized bloggers are up to.  One of my favorite blogs is Fat Shopaholic done by the beautiful Ms. Tiffany Tucker.  She is such an inspiration when it comes to pairing pieces together and is known for her floral prints and bows!  While browsing her site, I noticed an outfit she did and I thought it was really neat.  She found a photo of Kanye West and thought the colors he used were so great, that she recreated the look for herself and did an amazing job, I might add!  Check out that post here!

Well, I’m a sucker for colors and I really liked what she did here so I decided to recreate that look for myself, using items already in my closet. 

Here is Kanye’s photo:


Here’s Tiffany’s:


Here’s the Duchess’ again:


Aren’t the colors beautiful?  That’s what really drew me to this so I hope she doesn’t think I’m stealing!  LOL  Anyway, I paired this with a silver snap clusure clutch, which I tied a vintage scarf around for a pop of color and flair.  I also wore my teal canvas peep toe, cork wedged heels which matched the jacket I wore.


(disregard that cord, I was charging my phone)


The bargains:

Aqua zip jacket from Lane Bryant, $15

Teal Canvas peeptoe wedge heels from Payless ShoeSource, $12

Silver snap closure clutch from Belks, $5

Chocolate straight leg slacks from Cato’s Fashions, $14

Coral ruffle neck cotton blouse from Belks, $7

Vintage colorblock scarf from Cherry’s Consignments, $2

All together:  $55!  Woo hoo!!!

Well, whaddaya think?  :o) !!!

What I’m Lovin’… lipstick11

What I’m lovin’ right now is using the Color Wheel to create awesome color combinations in outfits just like the one above!!!

colorwheel ColorWheel1

Have you ever seen a well dressed celebrity and you wonder, “how did they ever think to use all those colors together?”  Most stylists have adopted and committed to memory, the concept of the basic color wheel.

rihanna-colors Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker 8mKWMVrlPiMl pink street_style_super_star_looks_off_the_street


Here are some basic tips on how to use the color wheel above:

1. Colors directly next to each other (i.e. yellow and yellow-orange; yellow and yellow-green; violet and blue-violet, etc.)
2. Colors that form right (90 degree) angles with each other (i.e. yellow and red-orange; blue and violet-red; green and orange, etc.)
3. Colors directly across from each other (i.e. yellow and violet; blue and orange; red and green, etc.)
4. Colors that form a T (i.e. blue, orange, and violet-red; yellow, violet, and red-orange; yellow, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)
5. Colors that form an X (i.e. blue, orange, violet-red, and yellow, violet, blue-green, and red-orange, etc.)

Thanks to The Fashion Bomb Daily

To get a better idea of how these colors look together, here is a color wheel that actually uses fabrics.


Once you become accustomed to creating effective combinations, you will need the color wheel as your guide less and less.  I hope this helps!

Oh and one more thing!  The color wheel also works on the bold eye makeup too!


What I’m Hearin’…antique_radios

I’m beginning to think that my clothes strongly influence the way I think!  As you know, there is always a song in my head and in my heart.  Recently, that song has been a song that talks about color all the way through it!  None other than the beautiful, bare-footed, country music artist, Deana Carter!  From her second album, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, “Colour Everywhere”


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~ The Dumpy Duchess

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