24 December 2010

Rockabilly Holiday…

What I’m Wearin’…string-of-pearls

   Hi guys!  I’ve missed you!  This post’s “What I’m wearin’” section should probably be named “What I’m Thinkin’ About Wearin’!”  I’m eagerly trying to get my holiday outfit together.  I think I’m going casual chic.  Let me know what you guys think!  I’m thinking of going with some new pieces that I’ve just purchased on a Christmas shopping trip with my mommy!  Here they are!

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The Bargains:

Red Military Style Ruffle Jacket from Belk's, $19

Floral Sequins Tank from Avenue, $10

Dark Wash Jeggings from Avenue, $20

Chocolate Ankle Boots from Belk’s, $14

All Together:

  $63!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

I’ll be posting really soon and let you guys know how the outfit did!  The next project will be my New Years outfit! 


What I’m Lovin’…lipstick11

Okay!  What I’m Lovin’!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m really into old Hollywood starlets and glamour.  Most of my favorite movies come from that age and most of my favorite actresses do as well.  Here are some of my favorite ladies and my favorite movies that they star in! 


The graceful, Ms. Ginger Rogers in Tender Comrade (makes me tear up every time, especially with her speech at the end)


The misunderstood, Ms. Marilyn Monroe – too many to name but if I absolutely had to, I’m say Some Like It Hot, no, no Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, no, no wait, Let’s Make Love, no, ahhh forget it!!!


The underrated, Ms. Dorothy Dandridge – Bright Road and Carmen (I WILL NOT CHOOSE!)


The Goddess, Ms. Rita Hayworth – Gilda (please see this, it is sooooo steamy…)

Annex - Grable, Betty_08

The legs, Betty Grable – Down Argentine Way (a very fun movie)

This is only the tip of the iceberg!  I have lots of favorites.  I figured I’d spare you and 1,000 page blog post!  Anyway, I think it’s easy to see why I love this period so much!  Everything seemed so much simpler back then and so much more glamorous and romantic!  Who doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ kiss with their leg kicked up behind them?


So, anyway…imagine my surprise and pleasure when I found this great blog that shows a new pin-up girl everyday!  I check out this site frequently!  I just love the pin-up look and what I love about this site is that it sometimes shows modern pin-up looks.  Sometimes It can be hard to incorporate vintage styles into your wardrobe without looking like a fool.  Some of the looks are just classic old glamour that you can definitely get away with today!  yummy!  Click the pic to check out this awesome blog!


Soooooo, bear with me!  I decided to have a little fun!  I took some pin-up photos or at least an attempt of pin-up photos and played around a bit in photoscape.  I only did different hairstyles as I am still looking for a great pin-up outfit for my plus size body!  Take a look!



What I’m Hearin’…antique_radios

This post’s song in my head and in my heart keeps in line with my pin-up theme and comes from one of my favorite ladies!  It was so hard to choose since I have so many favorites but I think I’ll go with Miss Marilyn Monroe in her early days!  The ultra sexy blonde bombshell and pin-up gal!  This is a selection from Ladies of the Chorus, made in 1948.  This is Marilyn’s third film role and first starring role!  I hope you enjoy it!


'Every Baby Needs A Da Da Daddy!!! (I know that’s right, Marilyn…)


That’s all folks!  Happy Holidays once again!   I love you guys!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook!!!


~ The Dumpy Duchess



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