23 January 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 2


So, today’s challenge is:  A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest….

Well, I’ve never been one to follow the rules!  So, I’m putting up more than one!  Deal with it, rule committee!  Oh wait, there ain’t one!  ha ha!

First up, my kid!  Even though he has just recently come into my life, I consider him to be one of the people closest to me.  He’s my best friend and I’ll spare him the sharing of his nickname on here! 


Second up, mama!  My sweetie pie!  My moving home this year has been quite an adventure to say the least.  It has it’s ups and downs but one thing is for sure, it certainly has brought us closer together!


Alrighty!  Day 2 – Complete!

Many smoochie boochies to you all and I love you guys!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook and catch me on Twitter and Lookville!!!



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