What I’m Wearin’…….Lions and Chains

24 August 2011


What I’m Wearin’…


This is one of my favorite tops!  So inexpensive and check out the studs and grommets.  So neat!  I was headed to a training for work so this is kinda dressed down but I still liked it.  Also, the patterns are wild so I REALLY liked it!  Also, lovin’ this wild flower I picked up in the mall the other day!  Since I’m going natural, I’m experimenting with lots of different hair ornaments and I’m having so much fun!  You’ll be seeing a lot more to come!



In This Look:

Distress Denim straight leg jeans from Cato’s for $17,

Beige studded ballet flats from CitiTrends for $7,

Pink Cotton & Lace Flower headband from Rue 21 for $3,

Lion & Chain print cocoon top from Belks for $12,

Silver Bangles from CitiTrends for $8,

Green studded earrings from Body Central for $5,

Black & Silver Earrings from Rue 21 for $4. 


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P.S.  By the way, check out my sweet baby boy posing for yall!



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  1. Thank you sooo much for stopping by my BLOG! I can already tell I'm gonna have a FIELD DAY in here! Your style is daring and edgy with what I call some "grown woman swagg" thrown in the mix! Can you say inspired? I jack looks so if I jack one of yours I will give you credit & link you!

  2. love the jeans! look great on you :) and your dog is super adorable!


  3. Love your outfit in different shades of gray, great.
    Lovely dog.

  4. Very cute top and your hair is amazing…luv it!

  5. i love those jeans! and they are from catos and they were 17 dollars so much is saying love!