What I’m Hearin’……Marvin and My Country!

20 September 2011


What I’m Hearin’…

After setting up my post to go out on September 11th last week, I realized that I had not mentioned the ten year anniversary of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. I truly apologize for that. I know that everyone has a “where I was when 9/11 happened…” story and even though mine is very boring, I’ll still share it. I was in college, lying in bed snoozing until my late morning class when my roommate and best friends burst into my room and told me what happened. I remember watching tv allllllll day long, and weeping while watching footage after footage, coverage after coverage into the wee hours of the morning. I was raised in the south and have never really traveled further than Washington D.C. and that was for a band trip back in high school. New York seemed like another country to this southern gal. The New York that I saw on TV always seemed like such a “cold” place to live in where neighbors barely new each other and those on the street didn’t speak to each other when passing by. I was amazed by the comradery and overwhelming sense of community that those who came to the rescue showed. I salute those heroes, the victims, and their families by leaving you with what I’m hearin’ this week,

All Star Tribute - What's Going On


and in my opinion, the best rendition of this song ever….


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