What I’m Wearin’……Native

26 October 2011


What I’m Wearin’…

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending an event that my mother organized.  The annual Western Ball where all of the local chapters of various sororities, fraternities, and different civic organizations come together for a night of fun and dancing!  Check out what I wore! 


Everyone usually wears the typical cowboy boots, hats and jeans.  However, I wanted to do something a little different.  What would the old Western times be without the influence of Native Americans?  I certainly didn’t want to just dress up like I was wearing a costume but I did want to go to the ball as myself embracing Native American fashion and culture.  So, I wore my beads, feathers and prints.  I had a lot of fun too!  Hope it inspires (and doesn’t offend!)  Smile


Check out the fam!


And my accessories…


Even my Twist Out turned out pretty good!


In This Look:

Black tribal print trimmed dress from Belk for $13,

Black suede peek-a-bootie flats from Belk for $13,

Fashion Ring from Cato's Fashions for $7,

Red & Orange bracelet gifted from mom,

Beaded necklace from Arthur's for $8,

Red & Gold Feather earrings from Ashley Stewart for $6.


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