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25 January 2012



What I’m Lovin’…

Hey guys!  If you follow me on facebook and twitter you’ll see I’ve become a part of a new campaign started by one of my Facebook friends, Ms. Marilyn Wann, called Stand4Kids!  The campaign is a response to a new campaign in Georgia called Strong4Life urging the community to “Stop Childhood Obesity”.  It’s true that Georgia has the second highest rate of childhood obesity in the country and something has to be done about it.  However, these campaign ads are some of the most depressing videos I have ever seen.  Many of them state that “being fat takes the fun out of being a kid.”  hmm….  Shouldn’t being unhealthy take the fun out of being a kid?  Here are some of the campaign ads.

Should Tina’s weight be attacked here or should bullying? 



Anatomically speaking, will the girl in the beginning of the video EVER look like the girl at the end?


Now don’t get me wrong.  I think that if you are obese, a large part of getting healthy is losing weight.  I, myself, could stand to lose a few, OKAY A LOT OF, pounds….lol

But, I do think that this campaign could have taken a different approach like including body positivity, stamping out school bullying, and acceptance by showing that the world is made up of different body types and you can be healthy at many different weights.

Leave me a comment below!  I’d love to read your thoughts!

If you’d like to be a part of Stand4Kids, please email Ms. Wann at marilyn@fatso.com for more information!



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