08 August 2012

What I’m Lovin’……Photoshopped

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What I’m Lovin’…

Did you guys catch the “Not Photoshopped” campaign from Feel More Better partnered with Stylecaster?

“The debate over body image seems like an uphill battle in the fashion industry. The industry seems as if it’s trying to change things by creating guidelines and rules for models and fashion shows, but it doesn’t look like they’re really enforcing them.

Luckily, with street style and fashion bloggers popping up everywhere there are more girls showing off their style and curves to the world. And there are organizations like Feel More Better out there helping women and girls push back. In February, Feel More Better launched an awesome collection of tees, which included the “Not Photoshopped” Tee.  Now, they’ve teamed up with 28 bloggers to take a stand against the unrealistic glossy images we’re bombarded with everyday.


Here are some of the shots of my favorite curvy bloggers.






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  1. This is such a great campaign. I grew up with so many complex's looking at all of the "perfect" women in the magazines.


  2. Love this! How do I get a shirt?



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