What I’m Lovin’……FNO2

12 September 2012

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What I’m Lovin’…

  Here’s my recap of Savannah Fashion’s Night Out!


Zia’s Exotic Boutique



Zia’s beautiful light fixtures



More Zia



Marc Jacob’s rainbow unicorns



The wall of half price earrings



Trays and trays of fashion rings



A beautiful creation by Zia






One of the vintage shops…that polka dot bag should have come home with me.  :o(



The birdcage of hair clips






Marilyn Monroe spotted in City Market



Mama spots a Corvette



Savannah’s got some of the best street fashion



Pam gets her eyebrows done in the moonlight



The live mannequins…I totally respect the one that took her shoes off.  lol



6 runway shows!!!



South Magazine….awwww yeah!



Savannah FNO Coordinator, Cecelia Russo and friends!  Such a total sweetie!



Bree Thomas of Fab’rik…stay tuned for an exclusive from this fabulous lady!



Mary Kent Hearon of The Heart Knot



Free cover shots from Marc Jacobs



Ending the night by drinks with friends.  :o)


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