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Hey guys!  I know it's been forever but I'm back!  Wooooo!  It's been almost 5 months without blogging!  I've missed you guys!  So much has happened in the last few months!  A new job, a new business venture and a new apartment!  It's been a whirlwind!  So, I've decided to do a little something new on my blog.  I usually do my "what" sections, "What I'm Lovin...'", "What I'm Wearin'...", and What I'm Hearin'..." but I'd like to add a new one.  This new apartment is an upgrade and it has forced me to curb my spending habit.  So, I've been doing more crushin' than lovin' or wearin'!  LOL  So, that's my new segment.  "What I'm crushin'..."!  And.....what better way to start then by crushin' some things for my new place?!

If you guys could see where I do all of my blogging and working on other projects, you would feel sooo sorry for me!  Perhaps sorry enough to buy me this awesome L-shaped desk from WayFair?!  It retails for $273.  I think there's a cheaper L-shape desk at walmart that may be a bit easier on my pockets!

When I first signed my lease for my new place, I immediately began to think of the atmosphere and how I wanted it to be furnished and decorated.  I loved the idea of a whole nature motif and wanted a bamboo floor lamp so bad!  Well, whaddaya know?!  I found someone selling one on Craig'sList and I snatched it up for twenty bucks!

 Pattern design bean bag chairs

Okay!  How awesome is this beanbag chair from BeanBagBoss?  Yes, it looks like a stack of pillows but they are actually bean bag chairs that you can use as a huge pillow or fold up lots of different ways and they come in sooo many different patterns and textures.  I fell in love with the green polka dot fabric and will hopefully purchase one soon.  Check out the video below for a tutorial on how they work!

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