30 August 2013

What I’m Lovin’……Dresses


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What I'm Wearin’……Dresses


One wardrobe staple that I really love is dresses!  I rarely get the opportunity to wear them unless I’m going out somewhere nice.  I work in a prison and our Warden doesn’t want the ladies wearing dresses-  at least not dresses that I’d be caught dead in.  What a bummer!  Anyway, can you believe I used to NEVER wear dresses?!  I never thought I had the body type to pull them off.  Thank God I got over that!  Now I’m in love with them and they are my “go to” item whenever I’m going to hit the town!

I wanted to share with you guys some dresses that I’ve been eyeing lately!


[image credit:  http://www.marisota.com]

Check out this beautiful floral peplum dress by Anna Scholz for Marisota priced at $120.  Peplum has been one of my favorite trends this season and so many bloggers have been showcasing it beautifully.  I only have one peplum look but I really fell in love with this feminine cut.





[image credit:  http://www.lanebryant.com]

This is one gorgeous dress.  I don’t have the shape for it.  I’m a hardcore apple shape.  lol  But, if I could pull this look off I would.  It’s more for an hourglass shape.  This beautiful dress comes from Lane Bryant for $74.95.





[image credit:  http://www.torrid.com]

One thing I love about this dress is the sleeves.  So many plus size dresses are sleeveless which I cannot understand.  Many plus size women are notorious for not wanting to bear their arms.  So, when we find a great dress, we also have to find a great cover up or jacket and that is so annoying.  This little number from Torrid comes with sleeves so all that extra shopping is unnecessary!  It retails for $29.99!   What a deal!





[image credit:  http://www.kiyonna.com]

Another trend that has been here for quite a few years and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon is the maxi dress.  They are so comfy and chic.  No wonder they are here to stay.  This is a great one from Kiyonna for $138.00.  It even has sleeves!


[image credit:  http://www.roamans.com]

Another one of my faves out of the maxi dress trend is this maxi dress from Roamans which retails for $44.99.  It has a nautical look that showcases another popular trend which was all over the runway this spring, the Jailhouse Stripe.  This dress looks so cool and stylish.  I wish I had it when I went to the beach this summer! 



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