17 September 2014

#savbaconfest 2014 River Street, Savannah Ga

Yes folks, Bacon fest!  Crowds of bacon lovers swarmed River Street, Savannah for the First Friday and Saturday celebration of Bacon Fest!  Check it out!

       Took these shades home for five bucks! 

Quick stop at Savannah River Sweets so that my darling could get a praline. #MamasGirl

Ahh, the plight of the photographer.  Never get in on the good pics! Lol

I see u Leopold's! 

Bacon everywhere!  #vendors

Mama and Renee' Lasalle from WJCL! Such a sweetie!


Bacon. Wrapped. Shrimp. #SayNoMo

We did drink responsibly, Jack. We did.

Wet Willie's!  #BobMarleys


Dark pic but still good...

Until next time...

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