26 October 2014

Best Blog Practices


social media ex

Image Credit:  http://www.socialmediaexplorer.com/


I chose the blog Social Media Explorer. This blog focuses on social media and how it effects marketing and public relations. The blog consists of many different articles and opportunities. Not only do they offer information on social media and marketing, but they also offer interactive activities for individuals to get involved like speakers for companies, training for companies, consultant opportunities, and also they allow for individuals to promote their product. They deliver their information through social media reports that are full of insight as well as an analysis of the information. This blog goes above and beyond the normal standard by analyzing buyer intent, brands and influences, and how an individual’s industry is doing in the social media space. They way the blog is set up is simple and straightforward while still maintaining its ability to have an interesting appeal.

The best practices when creating a blog is to have content that is not only engaging, but interactive. This blog offers interesting information about the social media and its influences. But they are able to have a more influential reach because they do not only engage audiences, they get audiences to interact by offering them opportunities to have consultants speak and advise their companies, training for their business, among other interactive activities. In order for a blog to be successful, the blog must be able to engage audiences, cause a response, are easy to read, constantly updated, and interesting. The Social Media Explorer has writers that are engaging and involved the blogger community. They are constantly updating their blogs and their writers provide information that is simple to read and interesting.



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