12 October 2014

My Newest Social Media Tools*


Photo Credit:  http://francis-moran.com/marketing-strategy/the-free-tools-in-my-social-media-marketing-toolkit-part-1-monitoring/


Quite recently I’ve been realizing the value in using social media tools that are different from the norm.  EVERY blogger is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest but there are so many other platforms that have a large community with an audience to reach or they have the tools that you need to enhance your blogging experience.  See what I’ve been up to below:


For about the past year and a half, I have been uploading photos to Flickr.  I love how vibrant my photos look.  I’ve used photo sharing sites before like Shutterfly and PhotoBucket but the quality of the image was lost upon upload and I hated that.  Flickr maintained most of the quality of the image, to me.  I’m not a professional photographer but I do take A LOT of photos and my blog can’t hold all of them but I still want to share them.  So, when I have a lot of photos to share, I direct my readers to my Flickr feed.  You can see my collections by clicking on the image below. 




Another tool I’ve been using a lot is the QR code.  I think this is one of the coolest things ever invented.  My code directs people to my blog without having to type in an address.  All they have to do is scan my code with their smart phone.  I put my QR code on my blog’s business cards and on my resume’ so that potential employers can easily take a look at my blog.



Below is just one of the many widgets that I use on my blog.  This one is for Instagram.  I love widgets for my blog.  It shows a visitor that I am on all of the major social media platforms and it allows them to see my posts on them without them actually leaving my site.  Cool!  I keep this widget on the right sidebar of my blog along with widgets for Facebook, Bloglovin’, Networked Blogs, and Google Friend Connect.



Something super new that I’ve been up to is updating my Youtube Channel.  I’ve been making a lot of videos lately and people seem to really be enjoying them.  When I post them to facebook, I get very good feedback.  I don’t direct traffic to my youtube channel (which you can visit below), I just use youtube to host videos that I post on my blog and other social media sites.  Perhaps in the future, I may build a youtube following but for now, the blog and other social media platforms is all I can handle right about now.  LOL




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