04 November 2014

Halloween Night, Statesboro GA

Halloween is my favorite holiday besides Easter!  I love dressing up and taking part in all of the spooky festivities!  I usually do a couple costume with my sweet little nephew Landon.  Last year we were Kermit and Miss Piggy.  This year we were Harry Potter and Professor Trelawney from the Harry Potter series.  Allow me to introduce you to the fussiest and uncooperative Harry Potter EVER!  lol  Poor thing, he had been at school all day eating treats and candy without a nap, on top of all the candy he had that evening.  It was still a pretty good night though!  lol  He was rather squirmy so the pictures aren’t that great but enjoy!

We ended the night at The Boiling Shrimp on 301 for seafood and fries.  Then we headed home where I stayed in alllll weekend.  This little squirt WORE ME OUT!  lol


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