01 January 2015

My Wish List Part 1: 2015


Tickets to Geekend 2015!


The Creative Coast recently hosted Geekend 2014 and I had the pleasure of attending!  It was amazing to hear speakers from Seattle, Denver, Boston, NYC and beyond. It was also great seeing the attention that the conference got from CNN, FastCompany, TechCrunch, and the Wall Street Journal. This incredible digital media, cutting edge innovation and entrepreneurship conference was full of fun and energy and I just know 2015 is going to be even better!    Through January 5th, 95 tickets are available for only $95 ($250 ticket price) at www.geekend2015.eventbrite.com.





More sequins!


image   sequin


The sequins trend is still in full effect for me and I’m in search of sequins leggings and a sequins maxi skirt like the ones below!






A wifi sd memory card.



I’ve had my eye on this for quite sometime.  Its a wifi sd card.  It allows your photos to be accessible through wifi connection instead of having to wait until you get home to slip your sd card into your computer.  It also allows you to connect to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and share your photos that way too!





A smaller, but still nice camera!


I love my big camera.  I promise I do.  It takes amazing photos but it’s pretty big and not very easy to juggle along with my purse, smartphone and swagggg at events.  haha!  I need a smaller camera that I can easily carry that I don’t have to worry about dropping.  Plus, sometimes I miss out on great photo opportunities because I keep my big camera in the house since it’s not the easiest to tote.  I could keep a smaller camera in my purse at all times and never miss out on these moments,   This compact system camera from Sony would be perfect.  It’s even got a retractable lens that flips around for the perfect selfie! 






An electronic keyboard!


A little know fact about me:  I played piano for 15 years and stopped when I left for college.  I was pretty good too.  lol  I really have been wrestling with the idea of getting back into music but my piano is at my mama’s house so I have nothing to practice on.  I’d love to get a keyboard so that I can begin playing again and so my mom can get off my case about all of the money she wasted in piano lessons.  lol






Until Next Time…

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