02 January 2015

My Wish List Part 2: 2015


Screen tees!

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Screen tees are so comfortable and that look great under jean jackets, blazers, or whatever.  These are some pretty great ones from Amazon.







A record player!


There is just something about that sound.  You know the one.  The crackle before the song plays on a record player.  I love it.  I’m getting a record player this year and I’m looking forward to finding my favorite albums on vinyl.






A pup!


My apartment won’t let me have pets but I plan to either beg for one or move!  lol  I’m a dog person!  Sheesh!  I miss having a dog wagging it’s tail and jumping when I come in from work!






A crockpot system!


I’m a crockpot cooker!  No shame either!  I’ve made some pretty great meals in my crockpot.  The only problem is- I only have one.  I’d love to have a system where I could make the main dish and all of my sides.






A vacation!


I’ll settle for Mardi Gras but I’d REALLY REALLY love to go to Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval!  I may not make it in 2015 but I plan to get a vacation to at least one of these destinations very, very soon!





Until Next Time…

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