Downtown Delilahs, Savannah GA

30 March 2015

A few weeks ago I was invited to a burlesque show, “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot!”,  at the Mata Hari on Downtown River Street.  The Mata Hari is a hidden gem right on the river that not many folks know about but once you do, you’ll love it.  It’s like a Speakeasy, complete with a passkey to enter and all. 

The Boiling Shrimp, Statesboro GA

10 March 2015

I absolutely love this place! The boiling shrimp is the best seafood restaurant in Statesboro. I go here a lot and I have never had a disappointing meal. The sea food always tastes fresh and the prices are not bad. I usually get the seafood platter which usually comes with fried shrimp, fried oysters and fried fish. I opt out of the oysters and they let me get either more shrimp or more fish. Love that! I definitely recommend this place.

Foxy Loxy Cafe, Savannah GA

08 March 2015

I've been wanting to visit Foxy Loxy since I saw that they offer Wine & Fire on Saturday Nights from 7p to 11p.  I'm so nosey!  I wanted to see what that was all about.  Plus, I love standing or sitting around a fire pit on winter nights.  

Einstein Bros Bagels, Atlanta GA

06 March 2015

We stop here to get a quick bite before a day of shopping because we wanted something like that wouldn't slow us down and because we knew that we were going to go for big dinner later. The service here was decent but not excellent.

Cafe at City Market, Savannah GA

04 March 2015

I really enjoyed this place. I go to city market all the time and I always pass this place and never eat there. I was in City Market about a week ago and I didn't feel like getting in the car and finding another place to go and worry about parking so we decided to eat down there. We were either going to go to the wing spot down there or this place. I'm so glad that I gave this place a chance. Just about everything that we ordered was perfect.

Spondivits, Atlanta GA

02 March 2015

First let me start off by saying that the food here is really really good. However I have no desire to come back to this restaurant. The space is pretty small so a long wait is expected. Myself and two friends went to this restaurant during a visit to Atlanta.
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