21 August 2015

Spotlight! Restaurant: Little Italy, Wilmington Island, GA

Savannah Restaurant Week 2015

During Savannah Restaurant Week 2015, I chose to dine with Little Italy, a sweet Italian Restaurant Located on Wilmington Island.  I enjoyed my time spent and even got to learn more about the restaurant through an interview with Chris McGary, the General Manager:

What makes your Italian restaurant different from the other Italian restaurants in Savannah?
"We are authentic in all aspects to our food, we don't cut corners and use only the best products available. The masses and corporate America have brainwashed people into thinking Carrabas, Olive Garden and other chain food is authentic.  It is not.  We use old traditional family recipes for all of our food."

What influenced the decision to open a restaurant on Wilmington Island?
"Location , Location , Location. Wilmington Island and Savannah needs more restaurants that are not chains and/or Mexican.  The sole operator has the opportunity in this town to thrive even if the chains are here as well."

 How long has Little Italy been open and what is done to ensure that you maintain a good business?
"We've been open a little over four months and we are continually striving for perfection. This includes a new wine list and server training to have the level of the front of house meet the back of house."

What are some of the menu options that everyone enjoys?
"The veal is by far our most popular item on our menu. Although we do sell a lot of calzones and pizzas, most of our sales come from full entrees."
What would your employees say is the best reason for working at this restaurant? What would your customers say is the best reason for eating at your restaurant?
"The atmosphere, the energy, the level of professionalism and of course the income.  I think the guest experience is a well rounded one from the greeting to the fond farewell and the complete dining experience and the view of the sunsets (you can't buy that!)"
No Chris, you certainly can't buy that!  Thanks for sharing with my readers!  See you again soon.
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