08 February 2017

7 Things Every Woman Can Learn From the film Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures Film, Oscar Nominees

If you haven't seen the film Hidden Figures, you must obviously be hidden under a rock!  The film tells the amazing story of three black women working for NASA during the 1960s who were instrumental in the United States race for space exploration.  While watching this movie, so many things stood about to me about womanhood and sisterhood.  Here are 7 things that any woman can take away from the film: 

1.  Have a tribe.

I won't trust any woman that says, "I don't have female friends, I have more male friends..."  As a woman you have to build your tribe. Not just a group of friends, but a group of women that are your support system that you can rely on for different things.  Not every friend is going to play the same role in your life.  I have some friends that keep secrets better than others, I have other friends that I can rely on to go out for a fun night, and I have friends that if I am feeling creative I can brainstorm with.  Building your tribe means gathering your group of friends that you can count on.

Hidden Figures Film, Oscar Nominees

2.  Know your worth.

Knowing your self-worth can be one of the hardest things to learn sometimes.  Life is a rat race and you have to fight hard to secure your spot.  Not only do you have to go after the things you want but you have to believe that you deserve them.  

Hidden Figures Film, Oscar Nominees

3.  Sometimes your allies will surprise you.

A hard lesson to learn is that some of the people who you thought had your back, may not be with you in the long run.  Surprisingly, some of the people that you never thought would support you can become your biggest supporters.  Sometimes those people don't always look like you and you can't expect those that do look like you stay in your corner.  Help can come from unexpected places...

Hidden Figures Film, Oscar Nominees

4.  Find the opportunities that spark your interest and go after them even if they seem impossible.

If you have something that seems impossible but it stirs your curiosity and strikes your interest anyway, go for it! I mean, who would have thought that there would be a Jamaican or Nigerian bobsled team?!  Don't let your location, race, financial situation, or anything stop you from achieving your dreams- no matter how crazy they seem.

Hidden Figures Film, Oscar Nominees

5.  Be grateful for what you're  given but always want more.

You should always be grateful for everything that you have but there is nothing wrong with wanting more.  Many times women are expected to not want more than the life they have.  It's OKAY to want more!  Never get comfortable or complacent. You should always strive to do more and be more.

Hidden Figures Film, Oscar Nominees

6.  Know your shit!

Even when you get to the top, you'd better earn it! You'll have to work even harder to stay there.  Your responsibilities will grow and people will expect more from you.  
Hidden Figures Film, Oscar Nominees

7.  Bring others with you.

Not everyone will understand your journey and it's perfectly okay to let people go if they don't share your path but it is your responsibility to open doors and bring others with you- even if it means just giving someone a glimpse of your journey.  I always like to remember that little girls who look just like me are watching and I have to show them what living a fulfilled life looks like.

Hidden Figures Film, Oscar Nominees


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