24 October 2017

The Easiest, Quickest, yet Cutest DIY Halloween Costume for Plus Size Gals on a Budget


Ladies! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! HALLOWEEN!!!

As a plus size beauty, I am always vaguely annoyed at the selection of plus size costumes in stores and online. I want to be fashionable and have a great time during my absolute favorite holiday but the fact is, a lot of the plus size costumes out there totally suck!  So, I decided a long time ago that DIY costumes were the way to go- and because I am a busy, broke mom of three kids, I need something fast, fun and on a budget! So here are a few of my favorite- easy to accomplish DIY costumes for the plus size beauty in all of us! With just one or two accessories, these costumes will have you ready to be the best dressed plus size ghoul at the graveyard!

OK so really, I only have one thing to say to you-Wings!

There is such an array of fabulous wings out there nowadays that this versatile and fun costume accessory can be played up/down and in between!  Plus, they always fit!  Everything from angelic white feather wings to gorgeous black bat wings.  You can make dozens of costumes from your closet. For a simple but fun idea, pick a set of wings as a base- We will go on Amazon and take a quick look- When I searched costume wings a plethora of options amazed my plus size little heart. From soft fabric butterfly wings, to transparent dragonfly ones as well as bat wings, black and white and red feathered wings and even tattered and torn wings ideas were flying through my mind!


For simplicities sake, we will choose a cute butterfly wing- these are only $20.98 by Shireake Baby and absolutely stunning. Now, we shop our closet! These wings are blue and teal, so first things first, I locate a pair of soft, black leggings (I am a mom- I have leggings in ALL the colors!) next is to decide- dress or shirt? Well for me this is a killer flowy party number that is black with teal and green swirls on it- you may have a sweater or dress that suits your needs already and if not a quick trip to a local second-hand store can usually fix that (an oversize men’s dress shirt over leggings with wings would look killer! Now just add boots or black shoes and some cute make up and Poof! This same theme can be used to make you into all manner of cute bugs, birds (ravens wings plus a fabulous black dress, lips stick and smoky eyeshadow anyone?) or of course Angels, Demons, and or Devils as your amusement prefers- Simple color shifts for each variation and you are cute costumed and ready to go!

I love the idea of the simple wings to build from because as you know these can be reused again and again. Maybe next year you would rather be a Zombie- take those beautiful white wings you used for your Dove of Peace (think angel but in soft whites and greys, more sweater and leggings with soft white make up- rather than the more iconic bright white dress and holy accruements for an angel costume) with a bit of spray paint to “dirty and zombify” them- think a bit of black, some red, pull a few feathers- make them look rough- add ripped up jeans and a top and your favorite zombie make up (with as much or as little fake blood as you wish!) and Poof- Zombie Winged Whatever!

Of course, for a more fantasy bend, there are literally dozens of amazing fairy, pixie and fancy wings just waiting to be added to your favorite long ladies gown or vine and leaf covered ensemble. Bright glittery make up, fun jewelry and a bright smile and you are the plus size fairy princess of the ball!
The great thing about costume wings is that you can literally shop your closet to pull together your outfit- and be comfortable and kick ass at the same time! I love being unique and with just a little money being able to pull something plus size prefect for me, in no time!

What accessory made your DIY costume this year?

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