13 October 2017

Totally Put Together (or at least faking it great!)

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Being put together is my job. As a plus size blogger I am kind of expected to always have my act together- you know the perfect shoes with the perfect purse. It is a wonderful thing to look in the mirror before heading out the door and knowing that you look amazing. When I am headed to an event, there are always certain things I do to make sure that I am ready to make the best impression possible!  I think that it is so important to always put your best face forward! Now does this mean I am shallow? Do I spend hours on creating a flawless face? Do I lament over my outfit and whether white is finally alright after Labor Day?! Nope!   But…. it does mean that I have a check list of things that I always do so that when I walk out the door, I am ready to take on the world!   I am gonna share some of my list with you.  Us plus size beauties have to stick together after all, right?!


Number one: Always plan in advance! I love my calendars- I have several!   Of course I have the calendar on my phone- who doesn’t make mad use of that little handheld miracle now-a-days?  Besides that one though, I have a desk calendar and calendar on my bedroom wall- right beside my mirror- so not only can I see the what, where, and when- I also can look over it when I get up in the morning and see all the awesome things I have to look forward to.   If it’s a little bare, then I can work on my resolve to get more of those little boxes filled.  I am madly unorganized at times (my dirty little secret- shhh don’t tell!) SOOOO I have another calendar which is stuck right on the front of my fridge. When I am grabbing my yummy keto breakfast, I am also reassessing what I have to do- that day, week and month- for me planning is SO important!


Number two: Have several go to outfits planned. I personally like to take pictures of myself in different outfits, several shirts with several bottoms- this way I can see myself from a more observant point of view- pictures are always better to see how other people will see you. Think of Cher’s closet in that old movie Clueless! I can flip through my closet catalogue and plan all my outfits for the week in a few clicks. If you are really organized you can take photos of all your accessories and shoes as well.


Number three: Always have a good old fashioned pad of paper and a pen! I don’t know how many times I have accidentally let my phone die (also always have a spare charger in that oh-so-fashionable purse.  As a plus size fashionista, I love a big bag that can carry all sorts of things- including said notepad and cute, colorful pens.  You want to always be able to make notes while you are at an event- what if you meet an awesome contact and you don’t have something to write down the details!?


Number four: Make sure you always have emergency numbers! I carry a small actual little black book- it has a paper contact list.  Old school, right?  LOL   Remember that whole phone dying stressor? Well once I realized that I didn’t even know my own mother’s phone number anymore, I took this to heart! Another good idea is having important numbers for people like towing companies and locksmiths, such as STL Local Locksmiths! I had a friend who ended up locking herself out of her car in the middle of the night after a movie premiere and she luckily had the STL Local Locksmiths number in her little black book. They were able come out quickly and get her on the go again!  Plus, they were amazingly affordable!

13516244_10206440529722550_3771032897313970710_nme and pammy

Number five: Maybe the most important, my plus size princesses is this final tip- have an amazing time! There is simply no point in being a fabulous plus size blogging fashionista if I am not having a great time! I preplan as much as possible and then roll with the tide. Its raining on the day of an outside event? OK Cute raincoat and umbrella, CHECK!   Once you have the basics covered, the best part of an event is to simply enjoy the event! Whether you are going to a major blogging networking affair or your six year old nephew’s birthday party, remember to be present.   All the planning in the world, all the note taking and photo ops are nothing in comparison to having a great time and being able to recount that enthusiasm to your readers (and yourself!) later.

So those are my tips!  Do you have any go to tips and tricks to make sure you are 100% when you step out?

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