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Our life is full of to do lists, deadlines and endless amounts of things to get accomplish in less hours than we actually have. In order to try to keep up with this roadrunner form of living, we rarely think twice about putting self-care on the back burner. In fact, more often than not it may take a wake-up call to notice that this type of lifestyle has really taken over our lives. Regardless of how indulgent or fancy the term may sound to you, self-care is essential for our physical, emotional and mental well-being. You shouldn’t neglect your self-care and here’s why it’s important as well as some tips on what to do to help with self care.

Know Your Worth - Self-care is a term that we have been hearing a lot about in media lately- especially with the recent high profile suicides that have been reported. I feel like the term has been turned into something shallow and superficial. It's more than getting your hair/nails done or having spa days. It's the action work that promotes and maintains a healthy relationship with yourself and those around you. This can be anything that sets boundaries and produces positive feelings as well as boosts your self-esteem. Self-care is necessary to remind yourself and others that your needs are important too!

Kirsten, The Low Country Socialite, is standing on a rooftop in Savannah, Georgia.  She is wearing a wine colored dress from Eloquii with lace detailing.  She has her back turned towards the camera and she is looking out onto the skyline.  Her hair is curly and you cannot see her face.

Have A Balance Of Work and Life - Although being a workaholic can sometimes have its benefits, you don’t want to be overworked. In fact, being overworked a workaholic almost always accompanies stress and exhaustion. It leaves you feeling less productive, disorganized and even emotionally depleted. Sometimes, it can lead to all sorts of health issues such as anxiety or depression, high blood pressure, heart disease or insomnia. There can be professional self-care habits such as taking breaks for lunch, calling or friend or taking a long walk to clear your head. Try to avoid overextending yourself and set some professional boundaries to keep you staying sharp, healthy and motivated.

Managing Stress - Did you know that having a little stress in your life is actually a good thing? It helps you stay on top of things, meet your deadlines or finish that nagging task you’ve been needing to tackle. But... having constant stress and anxiety has the opposite effect for your mental and physical health. Allow yourself to know and recognize the different stress levels that you experience. Smart self care habits can be: eating healthier, connecting with loved ones or even improving your mobility and boost your energy and confidence level.

Work On Projects - To help improve your self-care habits why not start that long lost project you’ve been putting off for months? These projects can range from small items or bigger things. An example could be cleaning out the desk drawer you’ve used as a junk drawer for the past few months. You could even start creating artwork to spruce your home up. Woodworking has become SUPER popular to make inspiring quotes or share artwork you’ve been wanting to hang in a cool new way. A local woodworking company in the Atlanta area called Saw Trax Manufacturing offers some of the best saws in their field- including a machine that can cut almost all sheet goods with just one proper cutting insert! Their customer service always helps whatever questions or concerns you have to meet any needs and requirements you have. If you’re local to the northern Georgia area, they are a one stop shop to help you with your DIY projects. Creative projects such as these always make me feel amazing when I take them to completion and have a tangible object to show my efforts!

Image: Saw Trax

Meditation - One way to help your self-care is starting your day off on the right foot. This could be anything from working out or mediating. It isn’t always about chanting but perhaps just sitting in silence the moment you wake up. Taking a few deep breaths and enjoying the stillness of the morning. It may even be great practice to start in the morning or end your day with meditation to relieve your worries or frustrations of the day. 

Positive Affirmations - We can be extremely hard on ourselves with our work, with our personal life or anything that comes our way. Having a way to help cope with those negative nagging thoughts is critical. A way to help yourself is by thinking or writing down 5 things you like about yourself. These way to help boost your confidence and your moral to start your day or end your evening on the right path.

Dress: Eloquii
Photography: ShellyCStudio

What are some ways that help you when you need to to improve your self-care? Do you call a friend? Do you plan a trip with friends? Do you clean your home? These small acts that may not seem like much can really help you in bigger ways than you can imagine! Share some of your tips and tricks below! 

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The Low Country Socialite

I’d like to get away from the idea that as a black woman and a plus size woman, I represent all black women and plus size women.  I see tons of videos of black women and/or plus size woman twerking or cursing or any other perceived “naughty” behavior on social media.  The comment sections are littered with those that feel that these women are a poor reflection of what Black or plus size women should be.  Why?  For one, what someone does for a few minutes on social media is a pretty poor reflection of who they actually are and also, the whole “ladylike” is just completely overrated but that’s a whole other topic to explore. 

The Low Country Socialite

I use the hashtag #RepresentationMatters because I do think that representation is important but I also think that “what” I represent is a lot different than “who” I represent.  I am a black, plus size woman and I am very proud to be those things but I am soooooo much more.  I represent what I am at different times of the day, at different times of the year, in different moods and in different relationships.  Sometimes I’m a workaholic and sometimes I’m lazy.  Sometimes I’m super sweet and sometimes I’m super shady.  Sometimes I like doing hoodrat things with my friends and sometimes I like being exceptionally empowering to other women. 

The Low Country Socialite

I can’t shoulder the burden of the “who” I represent.  It’s too much and no one should feel like they HAVE to do it.  I can’t represent all black and/or plus size women.  We are entirely too diverse to be put into a box like that.  So, I want to give a blessing to anyone who feels that they are obligated to represent something bigger especially when it is representation that they DIDN’T sign up for.  It’s a lot of pressure just to walk through the world and so many people feel this pressure in its extreme form whether others acknowledge it or not.  Not just Blacks or plus size people- but women, minorities, LGBTQ, etc.  Existing is hard enough without feeling that you have to represent everyone that looks like you whenever you do something in public.  Allow yourself the freedom to be a multifaceted individual.  Chill, you're not making (insert Blacks, Big Girls, Gays, etc.) look bad, friend.

The Low Country Socialite

The Low Country Socialite

The Low Country Socialite

Jacket & Pants: Belk

Earrings:  Kitsch

Shoes:  Payless ShoeSource

Lippie:  Bacca by Stila Cosmetics

What about you?  Are there things that you are tired of representing?


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Keesha of Runway With Kay & Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

I've been blogging for several years now and consistency has always been one of the hardest stumbling blocks to get over.   Some months I'll blog pretty regularly and then I may stop for several weeks.   It's something that I've always hated about this journey but couldn't seem to shake.  Recently I've decided to take a new approach when it comes to my blog and try to see the task in a different light while also changing the focus of my blog.  Inspired by my favorite podcast, I'm beginning to treat my blog as a sacred practice.  Meaning that I will treat it as something that if I do it regularly, I can expect it to yield fruit and bear gifts.  Not so much physical gifts (while all of the swag is sometimes nice lol) but the gifts of growing my audience and truly helping people through empathy, understanding and compassion.  I truly believe that when you "get closer to the things that you love, things begin to break open."  The path becomes clearer and good things begin to spring forth.  I want my posts to get closer to you so we can break open some things, ya dig?  Part of sacred practice is doing things when it isn't easy or isn't fun or isn't delivering immediate rewards.  Yes, blogging can be fun and rewarding.  But it is work.  Late nights, early mornings, travel, writer's block, expenses, etc.  It's the side that people don't often share.  But just as a runner would approach training for a marathon or a student who is aiming for a degree, you have to do the work even when it gets hard and even when you don't feel like it.  That is how you treat a practice as sacred and that is how you reap it’s rewards.  I've had a ton of days where I just didn't feel like it. 


Another one of my FAVORITE parts of treating something as sacred is the building of a community around it.  I love interacting with my readers and followers on social media but I especially love connecting with other bloggers.  This week I'll be attending TCFSTYLEEXPO for the 3rd time.  I'm so thankful to Marie, The Curvy Fashionista for the opportunity to fellowship with other bloggers and connect with them on a physical level.  I've met a ton of influencers that I've followed for years and even have a few that I am very close to.  This conference has become our holy place that we travel to year after year and leave refreshed and ready to dive right back into creating the content that speaks to our respective tribes.  It's a beautiful sisterhood and I can't wait to show you guys my experience on social media this weekend.  So, stay tuned to my travels on social media this weekend.  As always, it’s sure to be a blast!

Nekeyeta and Tierany of byKikiSol


Tierany of byKikiSol

Nekeyeta of byKikiSol

Ashley of Fab Ellis

The Low Country Socialite

Faith of Faithfully Yours & Ashley of Simply Curvee

Lisa of Unapologetically Lisa

Amber of Style Plus Curves

The Low Country Socialite

Georgette of Grown and Curvy Woman

The Low Country Socialite

The Low Country Socialite

Keesha of Runway with Kay

The Low Country Socialite

Ericka of ShapelyLouise

Mel O. Faison

LaShai of Keeping It Curvy

Alysse of Ready to Stare

What about you?  What practice are you treating as sacred now?  It can be anything- a commitment to eating healthy, spending more time with family, saving money, etc.  Tell me what you're up to and how you're doing it!  Are you going to TCFStyleExpo this year?

Until Next Time...

Blogging as Sacred

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