07 November 2018

4 Ways Botox is for More Than Just Beauty

Some things in life can be used both for functional and aesthetic purposes. For example, people don’t
just get braces to help straighten teeth and avoid dental health issues, they get them to improve their
smiles - in fact, from 1994 to 2010, the number of adults getting braces, has increased by 58%.

In a similar trend, botox is being used more and more these days, with more focus on its functional purpose,
instead of what if could do to beauty.

Although it has a reputation for being a miracle worker on facial wrinkles, the power of Botox
is not merely limited to cosmetic enhancing procedures. In addition to its magical properties
in making a person look more youthful, this powerful injectable can do so much more than
just relax wrinkles. Here are four ways that Botox can be used for more than beauty…

4 Ways Botox is for More Than Just Beauty - Pexels

Reduce Excessive Sweating
Similar to how Botox can be used to help manage migraines, the injectable can also be
used to relax the muscles that contribute to excessive sweating. By preventing the message
that signals the body to sweat,
Botox can reduce both perspiration and excessive wetness
in a number of susceptible areas on the body. The most common place to use Botox for this
purpose is in the armpits.

Treatment of Migraines

Through research and trial and error, Botox has been found to help manage migraines. Many
health professionals believe that
Botox works in the treatment of debilitating migraines by
blocking the pain signals sent to the brain while inhibiting sensory pathways. The muscles
in the head are then subsequently more relaxed and not as likely to feel the immense pain
that comes along with migraines. In addition to helping migraine sufferers, some doctors
believe that Botox can also be an effective way to treat painful cluster headaches.

Manage Acne

Because Botox treatments can lead to the suppression of oil production, breakouts can be
reduced through its consistent usage. The most effective location on the face to use
as a means of managing acne is on the forehead. By injecting too much at one time, you will
run the risk of frozen muscles.

Eliminate Eye Twitching

One of the first uses of Botox was for the treatment of uncomfortable eye twitches. By
injecting the toxin into the hyperactive muscles around the eye, twitching can be reduced
or even eliminated in some cases. The effects of
Botox as a treatment for eye twitching
usually lasts approximately three to six months. So while this is not a permanent solution,
it can still provide immense relief to those suffering from this condition when used regularly.

Although it is likely that Botox's primary use will always be to help with the appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles, its numerous additional uses are becoming more widely used, assisting
sufferers to control a variety of ailments.

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4 Ways Botox is for More Than Just Beauty
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