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Sleeping Beauty: 10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sleep Patterns

If you suffer from insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns, you’ll know how quickly it can start to take its toll on your body. Therefore, finding a solution to achieve a more natural sleep pattern should be top of the agenda. After all, good sleep patterns are integral to maintaining your youth as well as high energy levels and a good mood. Even if you’ve struggled with sleep patterns for several months, all hope is not lost. Incorporate some of the 10 ideas below, and you should see noticeable differences in no time.

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1| Invest In A Comfort Mattress   
The prospect of getting a good night’s sleep without a comfortable mattress is very unlikely. Therefore, it’s essential that you invest in a comfortable mattress. It will provide the necessary luxury and support for the (hopefully) eight hours ahead. Given that you should be spending one-third of your life asleep, this is the most crucial piece of furniture you’ll own.
A good bed frame will have a positive impact too. However, this can come at a later date if you don’t have the money for this on top of a mattress. If you're plus sized, you may want to look into purchasing a Big Fig mattress. It's a bed made especially for plus size sleepers. You can read my review here.
The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Ga, Improving sleep, big fig mattress review
2| Redesign The Bedroom Layout   
While a comfortable bed is hugely important, you must not overlook the importance of the other bedroom surroundings. It’s easy to forget that the bedroom’s primary function is to encourage a good night’s sleep. As such, the first job is to declutter the room and ensure that you’ve employed good organization.   
This should be supported by making smart choices regarding the drapes or blinds. Likewise, investing in a better A/C system will provide a comfy temperature. This can only have a positive impact on your sleep patterns.

The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Ga, Improving sleep, big fig mattress review

3| Prepare For Bed
The evening routine can make or break your hopes of getting your full 40 winks. In truth, it’s likely that you’ll need to go through a process of trial and error to find what works for you. However, many people find that a soak in a hot bath with bath salts can help relax the body. It can also serve as an emotional prompt to let your body know it’s time for sleep.   
Some people find that going for a walk before this also helps, but there is no set process that you need to follow. The key is to put a structure in place.
4| Turn Your Smartphone Off
If you’ve noticed that insomnia has crept in over recent years, it’s quite possibly due to your use of smartphone technology in bed. While browsing Facebook can feel like a great way to unwind, looking at the blue light will stop you from reaching the REM stage of sleep. Even if you get to sleep, it won’t be a quality rest.
The far better option is to revert back to watching useless telly or listening to music. Drifting off in this way is far more productive.

The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Ga, Improving sleep

5| Switch Up Your Eating Habits
Modern life is hectic, and millions of people find themselves eating dinner very late in the evening. Unfortunately, this could spell disaster for your hopes of getting a good night’s sleep. After all, getting into bed shortly after eating could lead to heartburn and other annoyances. This is the last thing you need.
Try to eat at least a couple of hours before bed. Staying hydrated is important too. However, you should avoid coffee and other forms of caffeine as the buzz could keep you up for hours. Similarly, you’ll want to avoid sugary drinks.
6| Give Your Hormones A Helping Hand
Your hormones are a strange and complex thing. An imbalance can throw you off kilter, resulting in major problems for your sleep patterns as well as other daily habits. Bio identical hormone replacement therapy can be a particularly effective solution. When the hormones are no longer a stumbling block, you should find that the quality and quantity of sleep improves.
This type of treatment doesn’t take long to start showing positive results either. You wouldn't hesitate to seek support in other aspects of your life, so why would you do it here?

The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Ga, Improving sleep

7| Start Being More Organized
It’s very hard to sleep when you are stressed or have other issues on your mind. Therefore, getting your life under control could be one of the most important things you do. Get into the habit of writing down your daily tasks. Once you’ve completed those assignments, you should find it easier to shut your mind off when your head hits the pillow.
Money is another major concern. While you might not be in a position to rid yourself of all financial worries, getting your debts organized is vital.   
8| Think About Your Partner
Even the smallest distractions can prevent you from getting to sleep. If your partner snores, this can be a major problem. If you find yourself in a race to get to sleep before your partner, the chances are that you’ll lose on most nights. Anti-snore devices are worth the investment and could make all the difference to your future sleeping patterns. A loving partner will be more than happy to help.
Failing to get to sleep due to the influence of another person is the worst situation for any light sleeper to encounter. Now is the time to act.

The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Ga, Improving sleep

9| Check For Health Issues
Sleep problems are something linked to underlying issues. Sleep apnea affects millions of people. Meanwhile, postural issues may stop you from finding a comfortable sleeping position at night. While there are ways to treat those issues, the first step is to get a diagnosis. Without this, you cannot possibly expect to find the best solution.
If nothing else, ruling out these issues will provide you with peace of mind. This in itself can have a telling impact on your sleep patterns for the immediate and long-term future.
10| Stop Taking Naps
If you struggle to sleep at night, the afternoon naps may feel like an essential feature that help compensate for those problems. Sadly, the refreshing nature of the mid-afternoon sleep may leave you feeling too energized when the evening arrives. In turn, a vicious cycle of not sleeping at night and needing to sleep in the day can ensue.
It might feel difficult for the first few days. But avoiding the desire to take naps in the day for a week or two should signal the start of new and improved habits.

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The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Ga, Improving sleep

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