31 January 2019 Savannah, GA, USA

It's Not You, It's Me: Three Things Which Could Be Affecting Communicating

Communication is essential for a happy and healthy life. While some of us need more of it than others, no one can go without. Isolation is a serious issue which can lead to more health problems than the majority of us realize. Evidence even suggests that loneliness can increase the risks of mortality by 26%. In short; we all need someone to talk to.  But, what if you have trouble communicating? What if you keep trying to make new friends but never manage it?
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This can be disheartening. We blame ourselves for an inability here and even fall into spirals of self-doubt. But, what if underlying conditions could be to blame? Keep reading to find out whether any of these three issues are behind your struggles.

Social anxiety

It may even be that your issues here originate in your thought processes. Social anxiety is so very crippling. Far from shyness, this makes us anxious about social situations to the point where we’re unable to face them.  This can be a common occurrence with many plus size women.  I’ve encountered it in several situations like eating out, shopping or nightclubbing with thinner friends before I worked on my confidence levels.   If you have social anxiety, you may even find it difficult to concentrate on what people say or perhaps read too much into what they are saying. This makes communication difficult for obvious reasons. If you think this is your issue, there is help out there. Learning coping skills like CBT can change your thought processes around certain social situations. You may also be able to get help with finding some level of inner peace which could see you communicating far better from then on. Problems with hearing

Maybe the problem is more physical than mental.  Problems with hearing are the most common issue behind communication struggles. Not being able to hear what’s said can make conversations difficult to understand.  My mother has experienced this since losing some hearing in her older years.  She often gets frustrated and even accused of being forgetful but the truth is, she probably didn’t hear what was said and was too ashamed to ask you to repeat it.  If you think this is your problem, there’s an easy solution. Hearing tests are widely available, and can let you know whether there’s an issue.  My mother was shocked to see just how much hearing she had lost.  She was then able to ask, ‘what is best hearing aid on the market?’ Once we were more informed, we were able to address hearing issues straight away.


You may be surprised to see autism here, but many adults are beginning to come forward and consider this diagnosis.  The autistic spectrum is vast. As such, you might have autism without ever even knowing it. This condition involves an inability to read social cues or communicate with others. If you find that you can never get the feel of a conversation or always misread signs, then, this could be the problem. Again, a doctor could help you reach a diagnosis, and find coping mechanisms for making friends at last.

The thing to remember is that you don’t need to suffer in silence. Everyone deserves people around them, and that includes you. You just need to work out how you can make that happen.

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The Low Country Socialite, Kirsten Jackson, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Plus Size Blogger, Little Duck Diner


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