13 February 2019 Hinesville, GA, USA

Body Shame and How to Stop it FOREVER

Most people have something about their body that they are not so happy with. It can be anything from their body size, feeling that their nose is too large or their legs are too short, and many other things in between. This is especially a huge problem in the plus size community. So many things make people wish that their body was different, but they would suffer much less stress if they learned to love themselves just as they are.

Feeling shame about your body can even make simple things like socializing become difficult, especially if people make a comment about the thing you are unhappy about. Depression can set in and this will make a problem seem much worse than it really is. It can be even harder for children, who may suffer from bullying because they are heavier or have to wear glasses, and they can carry the hang-ups about this into their adult life. The Low Country Socialite, Plus size blogger, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Body shame and how to stop it forever
Stop Hiding And Believe In Yourself

Start by coming out of hiding and starting to believe in yourself. Everyone has imperfections but they certainly don’t make you a bad person or any less worthy of love. As you begin to you feel better about your insecurities, hopefully you’ll eventually begin to flaunt them. Gain some confidence in yourself and let people get to know the real you- flaws & all.  Another thing that helps is being more vocal and open about your body and it’s different needs.  When I spoke up about having to wear pantyliners during the day because I wait way too long to go to the bathroom, I was surprised about the feedback from other women telling me that they have this same issue.  There is confidence in solidarity and knowing that you are not alone.  So, if you have a problem that is not so visual, like needing incontinence supplies from Medicare, this is something that a lot of people face and if you feel confident enough, sharing may help.

Stop Bullying Yourself

Often the worst bully is ourselves. I know that sometimes I can be really hard on myself because of being plus size or a few inadequacies that I have that I have.  But when I really take the time to chill and think about it, I usually find that the problem is not really that serious. You have to stop being so hard on yourself and realize that you are beautiful and worthy and good just as you are. Putting yourself down is demoralizing and will do no good at all for your self-esteem. Change your mindset to be more positive so that you can stop bullying yourself.
The Low Country Socialite, Plus size blogger, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Body shame and how to stop it forever

Forget Negativity

Whether it is on your social media accounts or when you are out with a group of friends, unfriend, unfollow, delete, block or WHATEVER anyone or anything that is negative and makes you feel small. Negativity a poison that is no good for anyone, and you should surround yourself with positive people that make you feel better about yourself. Positive people will accept you with your imperfections, whether they are aware of them or not. That acceptance can do wonders for the way you view yourself and is an important step towards giving yourself the love that you so rightfully deserve.

Remember that everyone you speak to has something they would prefer to be different. You are not alone in feeling this way so don’t let it rule your life.
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The Low Country Socialite, Plus size blogger, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Body shame and how to stop it forever

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