11 March 2019 Savannah, GA, USA

Four Iconic Dishes Around The World

Food and travel are intrinsically related, what is going somewhere without tasting the local produce and traditions. What is food if it doesn’t give you a distinct memory of a time in your life or place? Some of my best times have been spent around a table trying and enjoying good food with good people! Especially with all the fantastic food program on TV right now, you can’t not be inspired to get your passport, get on a plane and eat and taste your way to food nirvana. Here are some places where you can find iconic dishes. Here are some of the world’s favorites: tacos, fries, sandwiches and rice.

Having some tacos in Mexico City will be an endless marathon of tasting all the different varieties and tastes. Mexico City being the cultural melting pot that it is shines through in the different interpretations of the famous Mexican dish. The four types you should try are ‘al pastor’ (roast pork), ‘de guisados’ (a wide variety of fillings), ‘de canasta’ (wet tacos with more sauce than filling) and ‘de fritanga’ (fried tacos with usually offal inside).

Alternatively, you could visit Canada for a good plate of poutine. It’s basically fries in gravy with cheese curds on top. Regardless if you go to Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto or Calgary, you will be able to find a good plate of poutine. And the possibilities are endless, it seems a bit of a Canadian national sport to come up with quirkier versions each year. What about poutine with lamb, poutine with shredded pork, poutine with bacon (with or without maple syrup) or poutine with hot pot? There is even poutine (or in this case ‘pudd-tine’) with chocolate and marshmallows (obviously hold the gravy and cheese curds).

Four Iconic Dishes Around The World, The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Kirsten Jackson

If you are more a sandwich or sub kind of person, the world is your oyster. What about a pastrami sandwich in New York? Or the best Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia? Try this Philly Cheesesteak recipe for that. And you don’t need to go to Vietnam to get the best ‘banh mi’ sandwich. You can find these in most large cities with a decent Vietnamese population, but Seattle and Portland are decent destinations for this. And we haven’t even discussed New Orleans with amazing Po’ boy sandwiches. You could travel the world and find a local sandwich in every place to blow your mind (and taste buds!).

Maybe rice is more your jam. You could fly to Singapore for some fantastic chicken rice. Or go to Puerto Rico and have some Arroz Con Gandules, which is rice, peas, roast pork and sofrito sauce. Or try a Bibimbap in Korea, which a hot bowl with sautéed vegetables, chili paste, and soybean paste (and don’t forget to crack an egg into it). Or go to India and have a beautiful Biryani. You might be surprised to get an iconic rice dish in England, where you can have kedgeree, a beautiful marriage of Indian and English traditions on a plate.

The world is a tasty place full of smells and flavors to discover. All it needs from you is either a passport and plane ticket; alternatively, you could just get a recipe and cook up a storm in your own kitchen! What's your favorite thing to eat when you travel?
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Four Iconic Dishes Around The World, The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Kirsten Jackson

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