30 July 2019

Simple Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

Talking about our mental health is probably the strongest and bravest thing that you can do. That’s because we’re still in a society that doesn’t talk about it openly enough. So if you’re looking at ways to improve your mental health, here are some tips.

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Keep A Jar Of Positive Notes
It’s hard to think positive when you’re in a dark place, so to brighten these moments, it’s good to keep a selection of positive notes that you can look at when you’re feeling those emotions. It’s the small things that can bring you to a more clearer and positive state of mind. If it helps, get your friends and family to write you notes. The power that words have can certainly make a difference.

Try Incorporating More Exercise
It’s not helpful for everyone, but those who do struggle with their mental health have found that doing exercise helps. Exercise releases endorphins into the body, and this release of hormones can make you feel good. So find an exercise that you actually enjoy doing and try to stick with a regular routine. The more exercise you can fit into your daily schedule, the better.

Speak To Someone About How You’re Feeling
Mental health can be impacted by a variety of triggers. Perhaps you’re in the process of sorting home hospice care service for a relative, and the stress is too much for you, or it may be something that comes in waves. Mental health is vast and complex, but the best thing to do when you’re suffering is to speak to someone about it. Someone who just listens and maybe doesn’t even need to provide any solutions might be just what you need to see the light in the darkness.

Switch Off
Depending on the trigger, an active or busy social and work life might not be contributing positively to how you feel, and it’s good to take a mental health day off when you can. Switching off and getting some rest may be just what you need to help. Remove any electronic devices and clear your schedule. Self-care is definitely needed, so do something that’s going to make you happy and is going to give you some much-needed time to yourself.

Sort Out Your Sleep Routine
Getting a good night’s sleep can help with your mental health, but it can also hinder it if you spend too long in bed. So it might be beneficial to sort out your sleep routine, securing a fixed time where you go to bed, and when you get up in the morning. Try to find a trigger to help your body get into a more relaxed state of mind and make your bedroom a more relaxed and peaceful setting. 

Improving your mental health may always be something that’s there, and that always needs focusing on. However, with the right support network around you and the tips to help and tackle those low moments, you will find that things do get better eventually.

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Simple Tips to Improve Your Mental Health, The Low Country Socialite, Plus Size Blogger, Savannah Georgia, Hinesville Georgia, Kirsten Jackson

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