What I’m Wearin’…d_kSZsevir4kT9adbiFTTI-medium-90

This outfit was worn to church the day after Christmas.  I had to pick it in a hurry as the weekend was soooo jam packed with family and friends and events!  LOL  I was afraid of it being a little drab since it was all black and grey, so I decided to go a different route with my shoes and other accessories.  I took my eggplant booties that I really love and since they were deep just like the black, I paired them with this outfit.  I also wore green chunky bangles.  I did this to create a look that was more aesthetically pleasing as opposed to an all black and grey look, which can be a bit of a *yawn*   I hope it was a winner!


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The Bargains:

grey drape cardigan from Belks, $12

black & silver bibbed tank from Belks, $8 

black trousers from Lane Bryant, $14 

eggplant booties from Cato's, $12 

green bangle and black bangle gifted from cousin, $? 

silver swirl earrings from Claire's $0.50 (woo hoo!!)

All Together:

$46.50!  Oh Yeah!!!

aTWOtYeuSr4lL-adbiFTTI-medium-90[1]Click the pic below to see what the advisors at Lookville are saying about this outfit.


   What I’m Lovin’… 

Well guys, I’ve had a great year!  Even though I’ve only started blogging a few months ago, a lot of positive things have happened for the site and for me!  I’ve learned so much about this industry and about myself.  I’m looking forward to learning more and more.  I also look forward to another year of more great things to come.  Let’s kick off “What I’m Lovin’” with the Year in Review.

1 (2) 1 3 9 10.1.10(8) a_WOpibKir4j35adbiFPIU-medium-90 aRGSE2akSr4kWEadbiFTTI-big[1] aTWOtYeuSr4lL-adbiFTTI-medium-90[1]jumpsuit6  cE9RnEekWr4lt6adbiFTTI-medium-90[1]

What a great year and what a fun time I’ve had with these different outfits!

Here are the top ten highlights from the year as well!

1.   God has blessed me and this site immensely!  That is first and foremost.  So, many things that I never even dreamed of have happened for me while on this journey. 

2.  I’ve been blessed to have to greatest son ever.  He loves his mama and she loves him right back!

3.  I was invited to join Lookville where I’ve been one of the top advisors of the day quite a few times and I’ve met some really, really great friends!

4.  The Dumpy Duchess has gained quite a following!  With all of the popular social networks combined (Facebook, Twitter, Lookville, Networkedblogs, and Blogger), there are over 300 people whose lives I get to touch!  Ain’t God good?

5.  Economical Elegance for the Dumpy Duchess was successfully monetized by selling adspace and earning a sponsor!

6.  Popular blogger, Alissa Wilson of Stylish Curves stopped by the site to leave a comment on this post and to say how nice the blog was!  That really made my day!  :o)  Catch her featured in this video for Just My Size!

7.  The site has taken on an entirely new look as I have finally decided on the layout for the design!  That was hard!  LOL

8.  I’ve had to opportunity to know, meet or become aware of so many others who are working in this field and I am learning so much.  I’ll be blogging about some of my favorites really soon!

9.  The comments, feedback, compliments, and requests from fans, family and friends this year have been nonstop.  Praise God!

10.  The Dumpy Duchess did her first interview this year in December.  Fellow, up and coming blogger, Maddie Dougherty of Sweet T and Mad E, featured me here in her “People You Should Know” segment!  (Her blog is very cute and well constructed, plus she’s a southern gal just like me!)

Most Importantly…

**I get to see another year of what God can do and I’m counting on it!!!  Look for giveaways, reviews, makeovers, and lots more!** 

Thanks for reading!  I love you guys!

What I’m Hearin’…

The last song in my heart and in my head for the year is a motivational one.  Even though, I’ve had a blast of a year, I’ve also had some setbacks too.  I constantly have to remind myself of my purpose and keep God first in all I do!  This song is an old cut that has a great message and a great groove.  I hope it motivates you and that you enjoy it!  Ladies and Gentlemen, the lovely, Des’ree…


Happy New Year everyone!  Many smoochie boochies to you all and I love you guys!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook and catch me on twitter!!!



What I’m Wearin’…string-of-pearlsaXWEagekir4jNzadbiFPIU-medium-90[1]

Well, I hope that everyone had a great holiday!  I know I did!  In my last post, I showed an outfit that I was considering wearing on Christmas day.  I actually did wear it and I’ve got pics!  Duh…LOL




My accessories…


byBPeyeler4kaFadbiFPIU-big[1]   ci8lW2elur4kT9adbiFTTI-big[1] cTLeNkekGr4j3zadbiFPIU-medium-90[1]

Here we go!


The Bargains:

Red Military Style Ruffle Jacket from Belk's, $19

Floral Sequins Tank from Avenue, $10

Dark Wash Jeggings from Avenue, $20

Chocolate Ankle Boots from Belk’s, $14

Diamond Stick Earrings from Claire’s, $0.50

Blue Leopard Chunky Bangles gifted from my cousin, $?

Faux Citrine Square Cut studs from Belk’s, $12

All Together:

  $75.50!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

Click the pic to see what the advisors at Lookville are saying about this outfit


   What I’m Lovin’…lipstick11

What I’m lovin’ most right is Christmas time with my family.  We had a great Christmas this year.  The holidays are usually a depressing time for us because of all of the unfortunate events that have happened over the last couple of years.  However, we decided to make this Christmas magical just like it used to be.  Ya know what?  We succeeded! 

We decorated…

100_0301 100_0292 100_0293 100_0294 100_0295 100_0296 100_0297 100_0298 100_0299

We even tried to decorate the dogs but that didn’t do so well.  Someone took their bell necklace off…..SMH…


We opened gifts…I wasn’t dressed yet so NO pictures of me yet!  NO MA’AM!

 100_0263 100_0264 100_0265 100_0266

We did manage to dress the doggies…

 100_0271 100_0272

My mommy and my curvy chick cousin, Crystal, rockin’ their winter wraps…


My Christmas Haul!!!


100_0282   I am in love with Jeggings this season so THANX MOMMY!!!

jessica-simpson-shoes-minas-ankle-boots-womens-shoes mommy also got me a pair of Jessica Simpson Minas Wine Leather Ankle boots from Belks but they were too narrow!  (Side Note:  Jess, please fix this because I LOVE your shoes but I can hardly ever find a pair that fits properly without killing me….:)

100_0284Oh yes!  Someone heard the cry!  My son got me a camera and a makeup kit from Belks!  He knows me so well…LOL

Belk_1289539444073380265567094_0 A big face silver watch from one of my kids!

100_0285        I just love turtles!  Funny thing is, I hate the candy turtles.

My cousin thought it would be funny to give me a billion bangles for Christmas.  Well, the joke’s on her because I LOVE THEM!!!  I think the grand total was 12!



A gift to myself, a houndstooth sweater….mmmmm…..the duchess loves her the houndstooth!



I also got a few cards with some money…yay!!!  But, I must say, the greatest gift that I got this year was the gift of being with my family…especially our newest extended member. 

What I’m Hearin’…antique_radios

Well, I figured I’d leave you guys with one of my favorite Christmas song.  I’m not really big on Christmas music and carols but this one is always in my head and heart during the season.  I bought the Peanuts Chistmas Collection a couple of years ago and I always crank this one up!  I hope you enjoy this classic!

Here is the instrumental…

Happy Holidays everyone!  Many smoochie boochies to you all and I love you guys!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook!!!




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