23 September 2010

Look! We've made it! Well, we're almost there!

I was so pleased to see that the steady growingplus sized industry was finally recognized in New York's Fashion week!  Yes, there was a runway show and all!  OneStopPlus.com put on the first plus size fashion show during New York Fashion Week! I'm gonna try to post the video from the show.  The pieces were really beautiful, fun and fresh.  The show is OneStopPlus' Spring 2011 collection, so it will be available in early 2011. Don't worry this great collection will be available in the entire range of plus-sizes (12W - 44W)!  Yay!  Whatta breakthrough!  Please take a look at all the looks, the models, and what fashions are coming out this spring.

Watch history in the making!

OneStopPlus is known for their dedication to comfortable and affordable fashions available in hard to find plus sizes.  I've found some pieces there as low as $10 and the customer service is superb!  Their website also offers a review of all their clothes which is done by the customers, so they are very honest!  Ever bought something in a size 18 and when you got it home, it felt more like a 16 or a 20?  Well, the customer reviews reveal whether a garment is true-to-size, the quality of the fabric, and other important things to know when purchasing clothing online.  The site also offers other plus sized essentials like wide width shoes, foundation garments, and even men's Big & Tall!

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Disclamer:  Videos and Images used in this blog do not belong to me.  They are the official media from OneStopPlus.com.  I make no money from these photos and take no credit for any of them.  If any owner of said media is offended by the use of their work, please contact me at TheDumpyDuchess@yahoo.com for immediate removal.  Thank you.


  1. OMG love your page! I so think they should have more plus size fashion also. I am working at a boutique and even though I may not be plus size I would know be frustrated to go to stores and not be able to find anything cute. They are carrying more plus sizes in cute clothes though now. You are gorgeous! Follow my page also please too. You might like it.

  2. Thanx Jessica! I appreciate your feedback. Yes, being plus in a tiny world is hard but it's getting better honey! Thanx again! I'm headed to your site now!



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