04 November 2010

Test Blog

Hey Folks!  Back again!  I was so excited about the plus size fashion show that I didn't even get a chance to open up this blog right!  Plus, an audit at work has thrown me out of the loop!  Anywhoooooo, allow me to introduce myself!  My name is Kirsten.  Some who are close to me call me Katey!  I'm a 29 year old self-made fashionista who loves to find exciting, beautiful, plus size clothing and accessories at a bargain!  Here, you won't find the hottest fashion finds or labels, but you will see a

sweet, southern, everyday gal face the challenge of dressing a plus size body in a small world.  Now, there are several blogs out there who are dedicated the the curvy girl (which, by the way, I AM LOVIN!), but i am NOT curvy!  I'm plus plus!  I will not as easily fill out a dress built for the highly coveted "hour-glass" figure.  I'm Voluptuous and just as beautiful!  I personally know several ladies out there who are just like me but they are afraid to step out of the box.  For me, this is a journey.  I, in no way, profess to know everything there is to know about fashion.  Most of my sense of style is Hit and Miss!  Sometimes I get it right...

and sometimes I get it wrong.... 

One thing i do promise is to always be honest with you!  If I paid $0.50 for something, so be it!  If I paid $1,000 (HA!  That'll be the day!) then, you're gonna know that too!  This blog will also be full of lots of full body shots so GET READY!  I also love feedback and want you to be totally honest me with too!  So, join me as a embark on an adventure filled with exciting moments,

boring woes,

a few laughs,

and some guaranteed tears!!!

I hope you have as much fun as I do!!!!

(This is a test.  Not one of my better outfits.  LOL  Okay, enough disclaimer...) 

What I'm wearin'

I scored this fushia dress from Ross a couple of months ago for $12 bucks!  I'm not one to go bare-armed because of my own personal issues with my arms so I covered up with a grey draped cardigan from Belk's for $12.  I changed up the shoes to take it from day to evening.  At work I wore it with silver and gold sandals that I got from a boutique somewhere in the Mall of Georgia (seen right) for around $20 and for dinner with a friend later, I wore it with a pair of silver heels (seen left) from yes, I dare say, CitiTrends for $20 as well.  (We'll discuss how to do low-end shopping at another time....LOL)  Shoe close ups are at the bottom....I just GOTTA get a new camera! 

 What can I say?!?  I love a little sparkle!  And believe it or not, those heels to the right are actually comfortable!  They look like walking on pencils but they're pretty easy to walk in.  You'd have to try it to believe it!

Alright kids!  Here lies the most important piece to any ensemble!  Here me now!  Behold!  The Girdle!  This power piece will take an outfit to another level.  It hides bumps and lumps and gives a flattering figure and stops your body from "shaking and giggling" around in your clothes.  I'll preach about this later!  Anyway, there are hundreds of types of girdles.  This one if my favorite, the waist cincher.  It holds the midsection in tightly and gives the illusion of an "hour-glass" figure.....which I SOOOOOOO don't have!!


Better things to come, my pets!  Take care!

What I'm lovin'

Monif C.!!! 
Why am I the last to hear about this wonderful lady and her awesome clothes?!?!?!  Well, I had a look-see at her website and was totally amazed!  Check it out!  She's got a beautiful collection this season and she even gives videos on how to wear her clothing....especially the convertible dress that everyone is RAVING about!  How thoughtful!!!

There are over 25 ways (and still counting) to wear this dress with it's 9 foot straps.  I watched the how-to video and Miss Monif had those straps going everywhere!!!  Click here to see!!!  As far as the pricing, it's a little on the steep side.  (for example, $235 for this beautiful dress, but considering that it's about 25 dresses in one, i suppose it pays for itself!)  Monif C. does have a sale going on until November 8th so maybe I'll order one and let ya know how it goes!  I'll keep ya posted!  Tootles!

Disclamer:  Some Videos and Images used in this blog do not belong to me.  They are the official media from OneStopPlus.com.  I make no money from these photos and take no credit for any of them.  If any owner of said media is offended by the use of their work, please contact me at TheDumpyDuchess@yahoo.com for immediate removal.  Thank you.

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