12 November 2010

You asked for it! The Duchess' Top 5 Beauty Must-Haves!

The beautiful Ms. Maddie D from Lookville.com requested a top five beauty must-have review! Alright sweet, here goes! 
It looks like I get to do the African American and plus sized perspective! YAY!!!  LOL  Thanx for the challenge Maddie, Dahling! I’ll be looking forward to your Top 5’s!

5 favorite beauty products

1. Luster's Renutrients Slick Stick - for the days that a chemical relaxer for your hair is waaay over due but you have no time! This product slicks down rough (and I do mean ROUGH) edges and leaves a beautiful glossy finish!

2. Dr. Fred Palmer Skin Whitener Cream - African American skin is prone to dark spots that occur from acne. Using this product at night, after a good face cleansing, helps to diminish the appearance of dark spots over time.

3. Clearasil Ultra cleansing products - There are tons of facial cleaning lines out there. This one is by far my favorite. I especially love the medicated pads that get rid of the residue that can get left behind after washing your face.

4. Almay Intense i-Color Eye Shadow Extension Trio - I love these! It's a compact of three shades of eye shadow and Almay is even thoughtful enough to give instructions on how to apply it!

5. L'Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara - This is relatively new! It has a primer, which you apply first and then a topcoat that goes on second. This application process equals super long, lush lashes!

5 favorite clothing items

1. An amazing pencil skirt! – This can give even the most horrible shape a great silhouette. Quite possibly my all time sexiest and favorite wardrobe pieces!

2. A great pea coat or trench coat! – A great coat is a necessity for any wardrobe! Make sure it fits you well by not being too large or too small. Even if you look like crap underneath, the right coat can make you look so pulled together!

3. Beautifully colored cardigans! – I love these for work and for pairing with a great sleeveless dress. I don’t show my arms so these are a lifesaver!

4. A great black dress (or the little black dress)! – A great black dress should be a staple for any woman’s closet. It’s the go to piece for last minute affairs.

5. A great pair of pumps! – The ultimate! Who doesn’t feel sexier when they’re three inches taller? Have trouble walking sky-high? Then, opt for a platform pump or a wedge. They have a little more support.

5 favorite accessories

1. Bangles! – OKAY! OKAY! Not everyone goes for these, but they are my guilty pleasure! Maybe the noise of them clanging together is my comfort! I think that bangles are cute and funky! Be they gold, silver, wooden or plastic, the chunkier the better. Like peanut butter!

2. Hair pieces! – This is more a trend now, but I must say I’m addicted. Be careful though, because they are considered a statement piece and should be worn alone.

3. Tights! – I love tights! You can find them in every color under the sun! Plus, they’re not just fashion forward, they’re functional too. They can be used as a foundation garment for heavier legs, as a little extra cover up for the dress that is too short, or for a pop of color to an otherwise drab outfit!

4. Hats! – Every winter season, I incorporate something new into my wardrobe. Last season it was booties, the season before last it was scarves and brooches. This season, it’s hats, like berets and knitted pieces! I’ll keep you posted!

5. Statement pieces! – This refers to that oversized, overglitzed and overglammed item of jewelry that is worn. They should be worn alone, as not to come off looking like a gypsy! I think it’s just like wearing a piece of art!

Yay! That was fun! My list could go on and on and on!  To visit Ms. Maddie D's blog, follow her here:
http://sweettandmade.blogspot.com/  Thanx again folks!  Don't forget to like me on facebook! 

~ The Dumpy Duchess

Ya know I couldn't leave ya without the song in my heart today!  It's none other than Miss Nicki Minaj and Will.i.am on Letterman performing her single "Check It Out"!  I'm usually not a fan of a lot of rap but I think she's totally cute.  I also think she's exactly what I would act like if I had a disposable income and didn't have to stay sane in order to go to work everyday!  Enjoy!

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