06 January 2011

In with the old and the new too!

What I’m Wearin’…


Well guys, it’s a brand new year and Economical Elegance for the Dumpy Duchess is still going strong!  I’m looking forward to 2011 being even greater than 2010!  There are so many things that I want to accomplish this year and I hope that each and everyone of you will be a part of it!  Let’s kick off “What I’m Wearin’” with the last outfit of 2010!


I wore this outfit to Watch Night Service at church with my mama!  I might party any other night of the year but I NEVER party on New Year’s Eve!  One, it’s dangerous (I know, I’m lame) with all the drinking and driving and two, if God blesses me with another year of life, the least I can do is start it off by giving that night to Him.  So anyway, I put it out into the “blogosphere” that I was going to wear my sequins skirt!  Just ‘cuz I’m in church, doesn’t mean I can’t dress like I’m going to a party!  I mean, what says New Year’s more than sequins?!?!  Well, at the last minute I decided to change my outfit.  My mom wore cobalt and for some reason she loves it when we coordinate colors…**sigh**  lol  I love my mommy! 

Here is her Cobalt Military Jacket and Black slacks, scored from Dillard’s:



Ain’t it sharp?!  Michael Jackson look!  tee hee hee!  (disregard me in another outfit on another night!)

And, here is what I wore!


Here are my accessories!


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  The Bargains:

Cobalt Calvin Klein Dress from Ross for $30

Black Blazer from Lane Bryant for $20

Purple Crocodile Jessica Simpson Bag from Belk's for $17

Black Leggings from Lane Bryant for $6

Black Ankle Boots from Belk’s for $14

Black & Silver Earrings from Claire’s for $0.50

Pink Plaid Scarf from Rue 21 for $2


All Together:

$89.50!  Wooo, kinda pricey there but still under $100 and nothing newly purchased!  Ha ha!  I still win!



Click the Lookville picture below to see what others are saying about this outfit!


   What I’m Lovin’… 

I think the first “What I’m Lovin’” of the year will be lovin’ honesty!  I’ll use this time to go ahead and answer a few questions that I’ve run into on this journey. 

  • Why the name Dumpy Duchess?   Well, when I was growing up my mom used to call me dumpy all the time and I HATED IT!  However, it took some growing up and maturity to realize that I am rather dumpy in shape.  LOL  It wasn’t until I began to accept the shape of my body and the fact that it is not small and that it is different, that I finally understood how to dress it!  It’s sorta like embracing the symbol of oppression. 

the duchess again

  • Do you feel that you are a fashion expert?  Absolutely not!  This blog is not about giving advice or telling others what to do.  This is an invitation to my journey in dressing the plus size body!  It is not easy so everyday can be an adventure if you allow it to be!  My body shape (which is Apple, by the way..eeek!) is only one of the many body shapes out there.  I cannot give advise based on what I do, however if by watching me, you pick up a few things along the way, then I couldn’t ask for much more!


  • Why do you tell everyone how much you pay for stuff and where you got it?  I feel that fashion is a state of mind, not the state of the economy.  People ask me all the time where I purchase things and when I tell them, sometimes they cringe and say “Oh, I never go there.  It’s too expensive”  Then they ask, “well, how much did you pay for that?” and when I tell them, they are floored!  There are some expensive stores that I have come out of with a bag full of goodies and have only spent a few dollars!  When I start doing Haul videos, you’ll see!  I even do some thrift shopping as well.  Why not look good, feel good and save a little money while you’re doing it?  I feel that if I can do it, you can do it too! 


  • What’s  up with Lookville being in every post?  I really enjoy my time on Lookville.  Most of the advisors are very honest and I try to be honest with them in return.  With that being said, before I post on an outfit, I put it on Lookville and let them review it.  As I said before, I’m not an expert.  Sometimes I get it right, and sometimes I don’t.  Letting them review things before I give them to you, makes sure that I don’t give you junk just because I alone think it’s nice.


Well, that’s all I’ll answer for now!  I recently added a Bio section to the page (you can find it at the top) or you can feel free to drop me a line in the comments section if there’s anything you’d like to know!


What I’m Hearin’…

Well, in honor of the Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon I tricked my son into watching with me, I think this week’s song in my head and in my heart will come from the beautiful Kandi Burruss!  In this one she talks about flying high above haters!  Do I really need to explain this one!?  I love it and I hope you will to!

 Many smoochie boochies to you all and I love you guys!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook and catch me on Twitter and Lookville!!!


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