19 January 2011

WWW…Warm Winter Wear!

What I’m Wearin’…


Okay guys!  The weather down here keeps fluctuating and it’s driving me nuts!  So, I tried to dress as warm as possible without being too terribly hot.  I put this outfit together for a day at work and although I admit that it wasn’t the best ensemble for my “apple” shape, I certainly was warm!


Here are my accessories…

DSCN0604  cwtsUIh50r4jsCadbiFTTI-big[1] DSCN0585 DSCN0594 DSCN0597

The Bargains:

Teal sweater from Lane Bryant for $5

White Tank out of a pack of then probably from Walmart for $6

Gold Crossbody Bag from Avenue for $5

Heather Grey Leggings from Avenue for $10

Chocolate Slouch Buckle Boots from Cato's for $20

Gold Beaded Bracelet stolen from mommy...shhh! for $?

Gold Lock and Key earrings from Claire’s for $0.50

All Together:

$46.50!!!  Oh Yeah!!! 

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   What I’m Lovin’… 

If you’ve been watching the news, then you probably know that on Tuesday, January 18th, Israel had their annual 'Fat and Beautiful' beauty pageant! 


For 15 years, women is various shapes, sizes, and weights walk the catwalk and participate in what has turned into Israel’s biggest fashion event!  Twenty-one contestants from all over Israel took the stage and competed in casual wear and evening gowns……but alas….no swimsuit….  :o( !!!
The event was designed to prove that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  The winner is crowned and given a diamond ring and a one year modeling contract with Esterika Nagid’s agency, an array of cosmetics, and a trip abroad!
Tanya Veiman was the night's winner, and told reporters, "What is my message? You don't have to be so skinny in order to be beautiful women. Be beautiful from the inside. Love yourselves."
Click the link below to read this news story and watch the video of the pageant on CBSNEWS.com!

"Fat and Beautiful" Pageant Winner Crowned in Israel

Yeah!  The Dumpy Duchess is lovin’ that!!!



What I’m Hearin’…

Don’t even ask why this has been the song in my head and in my heart for a couple of weeks now!  I really love this song!  Cheesy 80s music is the best!  MTV and VH1 were our babysitters if you were born in the 80s!  Perhaps I love this song because the video is about fashion!  I dunno, however, I hope you enjoy it!  A throwback!  “Breakout” by Swing Out Sister!


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  1. my name is shirel, Tanya Vaiman is my sister and im more than happy to see how this pageant has spreaded worldwide ! keep it up, much love from israel!

  2. @Jess - thanx babe! Did Maddie share our idea with you?

    @Shirel - your sister? wow! congratulations to her! What a gorgeous role model she is! Please keep in touch!



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