What I’m Wearin’…

Hey guys!  A while back I attended the Founder’s Day Luncheon for the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority which is my mother is a part of.  Yep, she rocks the pink and green!  Above is what I wore!  I think navy is such a smart looking color!  I wear this white blazer all the time (which I'm sure you’ve seen a lot in my posts) but I actually found this polka dot top in my closet and remembered buying it over a year ago and never wore it!  I paired these with my Christmas jeggings and voila!  I just love closet surprises!


  DSCN0635   DSCN0652 

Here are my accessories!


 DSCN0666  DSCN0674DSCN0639

The Bargains:

White Blazer from Macy's for $30,

Navy and White Polka Dot Peasant top from Cato's Fashions for $13,

Dark Wash Denim jeggings from Avenue for $15,

Silver bangles (2 sets) from CitiTrends for $8,

Navy Leather Pumps by Michael Shannon for $40, Beaded Becklace from Dillard's for $17,

Red beaded earrings from Claire's for $0.50!

Beaded bracelet from Dilliards for $7.

All Together:

$90.50!!!  Under $100!  Not bad!

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The speaker at the luncheon was the beautiful Ms. Patricia Russell-McCloud, author of A if for Attitude:  An Alphabet for Living.  Please, please, please check out her video on her website here!  She’s got a unique, witty style and gives great tips on motivation and community building.  You can find her book here on Amazon.  Catch her on Facebook as well.  

Patricia Russell-McCloud


Last, but not least, congratulations to my mama for winning Soror of the Year for the Nu Rho Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Here she is below, holding her plaque.  I’m always on Team Mama!



What I’m Lovin’…


This week I’m Lovin’ Vogue Italia’s February Editorial just in time for Black History Month, entitled “Black Allure”.  The amazing photo spread showcased a bevy of top black models and is reminiscent of a “high end Harlem Renaissance” complete with .  The photographer is Emma Summerton.  Click below to check out the album!

Also, check out this steamy, backstage video of the shoot…


What I’m Hearin’…

Keeping with my theme of strong black females, this week’s “What I’m Hearin’” is an old school cut by Les Nubians.  The song is “Makeda” which I used to love even though I never knew the words!  However, I looked it up and got it translated and I fell in love even more!

Roughly translated, the lyrics are basically saying that Makeda was a beautiful and powerful black queen.  So beautiful in fact, that the wisest King to ever exist, Solomon dreamed of her dark skin.  This song is sung to revive the memories that time has erased through corruption and untruths about Black history, from Ramses to Mandela.  We sing and dance to show our faith and joy because the Queen of Sheba or Makeda lives in each of us.

Please enjoy “Makeda” by Les Nubians


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DSCN0804 [LemonTreeBorderLine_11_02[19].png]

What I’m Wearin’…

Here is what I wore to the Girls Night Out party that I hosted at Lane Bryant!  (I’ll talk more about it in the next section).  I purchased this dress from Catherine’s!  Yes, I said it, CATHERINE’S!  Any plus size fashionista knows that Catherine’s has a reputation for being a bit on the boring side.  I mean, they’re perfect for going to church, but they don’t offer very many “stunners” that you would wear on the street or for a night out or even for work.  I usually pass them by but recently I decided to give them one more chance and I was pleasantly surprised.  Some of the pieces were really updated.  I’m going to mention more about that in an upcoming post complete with pictures. 



 DSCN0804  DSCN0806

and yes, I did get totally comfortable and take my shoes off in Lane Bryant… #dontjudgeme  LOL

The Bargains:

Black Sequins sheath dress from Catherine's for $26,

Colorsplash black button blazer from Cato's for $14,

Pearl multi-stand necklace from Rue 21 for $14,

off-black Just My Size pantyhose from Walmart for $4,

Silver bangles from CitiTrends for $8,

Black & Silver India earrings from Claire's for $1,

Black Patent Leather peeptoe wedges from Ross for $13

All Together:  

$80!  BAMM!  Still well under $100!!!


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What I’m Lovin’… DSCN0769

I think it’s obvious that the Girls Night Out event is totally “What I’m Lovin” this week!  Click the graphic below to check out the entire album or click here to see it on Facebook!




We had a lot of fun and we worked our poor personal shopper, Khalia (sp?)  to death!  I owe her big time!  


She and all of the ladies at Lane Bryant were very nice and very helpful!  I initially planned to have this post done before Valentine’s Day to showcase Lane Bryant’s intimates collection but time is not my friend sometimes!  However, here are some of the pieces modeled by the lovely Ms. Raina Hester.

DSCN0807 DSCN0765 DSCN0801DSCN0768DSCN0795 DSCN0770 DSCN0794  

The event went over really well and we had a GREAT time!  The sales and clearance were awesome, plus an extra 30% off ain’t bad!  :o)  The associates at Lane Bryant claimed that this was the largest turnout that they’ve had in a very long time!  **so proud**  Thank you to everyone who attended and made this event a success!  I’d love to do it again real soon so be on the lookout for the next Girls Night Out!



What I’m Hearin’…

Welp!  Love is in the air!  So, how about another sexy one?  Please enjoy, the song in my head and in my heart for this week,  Ms. India Arie’s “Brown Skin”


Oh, why the heck not?  Here’s another one!  Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Jill Scott’s “Lyzel in E Flat”


Alright babies!  I enjoyed ya!  Until next time, many smoochie boochies to you all and I love you guys!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook and catch me on Twitter and Lookville!!!



What I’m Wearin’…


Hey guys!  It’s been a while but I’m back!  Work has been super crazy but no excuses!  I’ve missed you all! 

If you follow me on Lookville, you’ll see where I asked about Harem pants for this season.  They were really big previous seasons but usually with plus sizes, it takes a while for our retailers to get the latest styles is our sizes.  However, I wanted to try this trend before it was completely out!  I purchased a pair like these black ones below and a long denim pair which is pictured below. 


So anyway, this is my attempt to work this style.  These pants carry a lot of volume on the bottom so I figured that it would be best to do less volume on the top.  This is kinda difficult for me since I’m “apple” shaped, which means I carry most of my weight around the midsection and I don’t do sleeveless things.  So, I thought, “hmm…instead of doing less volume on top, I'll do more structure on top…”  I paired it with a brown blazer and white top…


d4al1MjnCr4lxuadbiFPIU-medium-90[1] aimI_ujnKr4jGiadbiFPIU-big[1]  bzvbqOjnmr4lv9adbiFTTI-big[1] cJuWhIjnGr4iC3adbiFPIU-medium-90[1]   

Well, as usual, I put it on Lookville, and they hated it!  LOL  I love my lookville family, they’re very honest…you can check out their comments below…

I also, always want to be honest with you guys so, I did a post on this outfit anyway, knowing that it somewhat failed.  Sometimes you’ll get things right and sometimes you won’t but don’t ever be afraid to step or think out of the box.  I felt that the outfit wasn’t the best but it was a decent attempt.  You be the judge…

Either way, I probably won’t do this look again but I will use the pants again because they are the most comfortable pair of denim anything I have ever owned.  They’d be great lounge pants if nothing else!

Here are some of the accessories:

dTl-v0juOr4jGiadbiFPIU-big[1] a9zpP8joar4lK8adbiFTTI-big[1]

The Bargains:

Medium wash denim harem pants from It's Fashions for $17,

Chocolate ankle boots from Belks for $14,

Yellow and White Colorblock scarf from Walmart for $2,

Chocolate Knit Blazer-style Jacket from Avenue for $12,

White cut-out Shoulder top from Cato's for $10,

Wood and Gold Leaf earrings from Claire's for $0.50.

All Together:

$55.50!!!  Not bad, not bad…

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What I’m Lovin’…

Well, well folks!  Lucky lucky me!  I recently attended an event for the Stella & Dot jewelry line.  A good friend of mine, Ms. Shelly Carpenter is an independent stylist for this awesome company and invited me to her Cupcakes & Cocktails Social to showcase the new Spring 2011 Collection!


Stella & Dot has been described as a boutique jewelry line that is coveted by celebrities and stylish women everywhere.  Created by busy mother of two, Jessica Herrin had the vision to create a new kind of company that would help today's busy woman thrive.   She offers a creative solution to having a successful career you love that you can also balance with a busy life and family.   Jessica's vision called for an entirely new concept- an opportunity that combined direct sales with social networking to create a fun and flexible yet lucrative business. 


I must say, I had a wonderful time!  The pieces are really beautiful and Shelly is a real sweetie who knows her stuff when it comes to jewelry!  Some important things to note:

1.  Stella & Dot specialize in larger pieces that are more often than not, better for the bigger gal.  See examples…

resize3 resize resize1 resize2

2.  Stella & Dot also sells link extensions for their pieces.  This is perfect for those of us with larger wrists.


3.  Shelly frequently does giveaways and other events so be sure to click the pic and like on her facebook so you can stay posted!


Here are some photos from the Cupcakes & Cocktails Social!

     162999_1659821629649_1660422688_1497154_533437_n  163425_1659820509621_1660422688_1497148_3139534_n 164321_1701023939681_1660422688_1579827_4529760_n 164881_1701032299890_1660422688_1579836_2051472_n 166194_1659821189638_1660422688_1497151_3141483_n 167253_1701023779677_1660422688_1579826_7676484_n 179218_1701033339916_1660422688_1579839_7037665_n 179669_1701023499670_1660422688_1579825_2101203_n DSCN0743 DSCN0744

“Stella & Dot is a company inspired by and created for strong women, just like you…“

Overall, I loved the collection!  This was my favorite piece, the Petra Braided Bracelet and I’m considering ordering it! 


Thanks again for inviting me, Shelly! 


What I’m Hearin’…

I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately!  Corinne Bailey Rae has been one of my favorite ladies of music for the past year or so!  I got put on to her late but better late than never!  A little back story: 

After a huge argument with her husband (who died of an accidental overdose) she wrote this song. There's a line in there that “love is bigger than your pride”, and that's how she felt about him. "No one was more right for me than him. No one. That song is saying that, even in this difficult place I'm in today, I would still do it all again. That's how I feel today. Even though he died so young, I still had the best person and was so lucky to have found him." ~ Corrine Bailey Rae Jan 2008 Interview.

When I hear this song, I think about my dad, my kid, even my blog.  The road has been rocky, but “I’d do it all again”…  Hope you enjoy it guys, here’s Corinne Bailey Rae!


Many smoochie boochies to you all and I love you guys!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook and catch me on Twitter and Lookville!!!




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