What I’m Wearin’…

Well, I went to a basketball game recently at Georgia Southern University, my alma mater…(pause for punch line)….yes….in all my years at GSU, I never attended a sporting event until AFTER I left.  But anyway, here’s what I wore for a casual Saturday out with my kiddies!


I did a very casual look since I was technically “working” and I like to be comfortable and cute.  Here are some more photos which show my accessories too!

The Bargains:

Teal Just My Size cardigan from Walmart for $5,

Creme "Jamaica" screen tee from Lane Bryant for $12,

Crossbody bag from Avenue for $5,

Heather Grey slim pant from Lane Bryant for $14,

Peach Rattlesnake flats from CitiTrends for $13,

Emerald Cut Faux Diamond Drop Earrings from Claire's for $0.50,

Fashion Ring from Ashley Stewart (not pictured) for $6.

All Together:

$55.50!!!  Yes ma’am!!!


Click the Lookville pic below to see what the advisors are saying about my casual day outfit!




What I’m Lovin’…

For those of you who have been paying attention to me on Facebook, you know that I have just recently begun writing for PlusSizeFashionDiva.com.  Yay me!  I’m really enjoying it too!  It’s quite a challenge having my own segment but I’m up for it!  You can read my first article by clicking below!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and visited my first article!  Make sure to post lots of comments when you stop by!  There will be more great posts to come!  So, yeah, I’m definitely Lovin’ that!

Here’s their Facebook Fanpage.  Make sure to “like” them!


What I’m Hearin’…

This week’s song in my head and in my heart is one of my favorites!  I picked it because they played it at the basketball game and sadly, that was the highlight of my night!  The naughty girl in me loves the original version but I’ll post the clean one.  Hope ya enjoy, Cee Lo Green with “Forget You”!


Many smoochie boochies to you all and I love you guys!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook and catch me on Twitter and Lookville!!!


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