Hiya babies!  Once again, work has kept me from you guys!  I miss you so!  But enough with the excuses!  On to the fashion, baby!


What I’m Wearin’…

So, above is a shot of me at work.  I saw a photo in an Instyle magazine a couple of months and I just had to create the outfit.   It incorporated the color-blocking trend that is so hot this season, while still keeping a neutral bottom.  Plus, green and blue are my fav colors!  Let me know what you think!


LOL, the sun was sooo bright that day!  I bought this trench coat so many years ago during an awesome sale and purchased a yellow one and a red one just like it for about $15 bucks each!


My earrings and “Like a Virgin” Chain!


My Nine West magazine clutch!


My knee highs had a peek-a-boo surprise!


The Bargains:

Kelly green rain trench from Cato's Fashions for $14,

Cobalt top from Cato's for $7,

Black Trousers from Lane Bryant for $14,

Cross Necklace from Walmart for $2,

Black patent leather wedge pump from Ross for $13

Indian Earrings from Claire’s for $1,

Pink bow knee highs from Rue 21 for $5,

Nine West magazine clutch from Belks for $17.


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What I’m Lovin’…

True Sheroes  - A Plus Size Comic Book!

I’ve heard about this a while back and I’ve been so anxious to share this with you guys!


Full figured models Meilee  and Sommer Green teamed up and together they created "True Curves"™, a campaign that empowers women to embrace the strength and beauty found in their curves.  Their newest adventure, True Sheroes is a new calendar and comic book series starring women (fellow plus size models) of all races and sizes from around the nation. A sci-fi fantasy, mixed with high fashion flare, True Sheroes will inspire every woman to find the hero inside them.  Click here to visit their site and learn more about these awesome ladies and their campaign to support all women with curves!

Meet the Sheroes!

Lisa Essling as “Genji”,

Dawn as “Azure”,

Sommer Green as “Princess Sinecoo”,

Meilee as “Princess Sinesca”, and

Shannon Heitt as “Tundra”!

Click here to purchase the 2012 True Sheroes Calender and comic book!


What I’m Hearin’…

And speaking of Lovely Lady Superheroes…enjoy Britney Spears with “Toxic”!!!

Britney Spears – “Toxic”


On a more serious note, The Dumpy Duchess has teamed up with Integrated Services in an effort to aid in linking people and communities with much needed services with a technological approach.  This agency is a Non-Profit Organization, providing resources and technical assistance to families within the Federal Poverty Income Limits.  Integrated Services will assist anyone in need through a referral base system throughout the United States.  Anyone can refer a family or request services for themselves.  Some of you may notice their new link in my sidebar on the right.  To my local followers, please visit them to learn more about ways to help!

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What I’m Wearin’…

Hey guys!  Here’s an outfit from a while back.  The pictures aren’t the best since I’m indoors but I hope ya like it!  I’m wearing my favorite dress.  It’s a Cobalt blue dress by Calvin Klein that I picked up at a Ross for $30 bucks!  It’s one of my favorite buys and it’s so comfy!  Plus, it has pockets and any dress with pockets totally steals my heart!


This dress is cut deep in the front and with me having a large chest, it shows waaaaaayy too much cleavage!  So, I draped a square silk scarf that I scored from a local thrift shop across the neckline and got lots of compliments for this “pseudo-bibbed” front.  LOL



(This photo shows the

colors a little better. 

Sorry about the huge flash!)








The Bargains:

Brown crop jacket from Cato's Fashions for $15,

Calvin Klein Cobalt Dress from Ross for $30,

Vintage Blue Rose Scarf from Cherry's Consignments for $0.50,

Heather Grey Leggings from Avenue for $10,

Green Bangles gifted from cousin,

Brown Woven loafers from thrifted from Goodwill for $5,

Black and Gold earrings from Belk’s for $8.


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What is your favorite wardrobe piece, or “ready steady”?


What I’m Lovin’…

Speaking of favorites, here is a list of some of my favorite blogs that specialize in Curvy or Plus Size Fashion!  My top 10 are:

Full Figure Plus


My Blogfather!  Glen Johnson’s blog is very informative and it gives a male’s perspective of the growing plus size community!  Plus, he’s very kind!



Young Fat Fabulous


One of the first blogs, that I really got into.  Gabi Gregg was one of the first ladies that showed me that young, plus size gals can be trendy too!



Stylish Curves


Gotta Love Alissa!  I check on Ms. Wilson’s awesome blog everyday, even from my phone.  Her fresh style gives me inspiration!



Curvy Fashionista


Marie Denee’ is a pioneer in the word of blogging period!   She’s definitely one to look up to as far as business and style!



The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style


Chastity Garner’s incredible blog was actually the first one I had ever read.  I went to school with this gal although I never met her and whether she knows it or not, I remember her being fabulous even way back when at GSU!



Pockets and Bows


Brittany’s cute blog is one that definitely inspires me!  I love the outfits that she puts together!  I feel like she, more than anyone else whose blog I follow, is closer to my own unique body type.  So, she’s definitely one that I’m watching!



Fat Shopaholic


Tiffany’s quirky style is so innovative!  Her outfit posts always make me smile!





I love how Jay Miranda’s outfit posts always add a touch of drama and glam.  She’s so cuteypatootey and so is her blog!



Girl With Curves


Alissa of Stylish Curves introduced me to this blog during her Stylish Curves of the Day segment.  I immediately fell in love with Tanesha Awasthi’s beautiful photography which showcases her gorgeous personal style.  Definitely worth following!



God’s Favorite Shoes


A great blog by a fellow curvy girl!  Reiko’s sense of humor tickles me to death while I’m browsing her fabulous outfit posts!



These are only a few of the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of blogs I keep up with.  I’ve met so many friends during this blogging adventure and I’ll be introducing some of them to you guys soon!  So, stay posted!


What I’m Hearin’…

Well, kiddies!  You’ve seen my favorite wardrobe piece and you’ve met my favorite blog authors.  So, it’s only fair that I leave you with my favorite song!  It’s an oldie but goodie!  I used to play this song on repeat every morning.  Something about that beat just makes me spring to life!  I even love the cheesiness of the video!  This week’s song in my head and in my heart is Luther Vandross’s “Never Too Much”!  Enjoy babydolls!



Many smoochie boochies to you all and I love you guys!  Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook and catch me on Twitter and Lookville!!!



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