18 September 2011

What I’m Lovin’……South Africa’s Curves and BigSexy once more!


What I’m Lovin’…

I know I talked about this last week but I couldn’t resist!


So, I finally got to catch BigSexy on TLC and I absolutely love it so far.  I knew I would though!  Everyone has been talking about it and I’ve felt so out of the loop!  But no more!  It was refreshing to see five women having conversations that my best friend and I have on a daily or at least almost daily basis.  I really hope that the producers of this do not make the show like every other reality show by having them bickering and backstabbing each other.  Please oh please, gods of TLC!?!  Please show others that pleasantness does go with plumpness.  Most of the time, at least!  hehehe!

…Somethin’  Else I’m Lovin’…

Guess what?  South Africa is getting on board with plus size in print!  Check it out!


“The first free issue of Curvy South Africa, a newly launched glossy magazine aimed at women sized 14 and up, is out now.  The magazine refuses to use models smaller than a size 14, to fulfill its mission of showing readers that they can be beautiful by embracing who they are.  It is a glamour magazine and will include articles on favorite topics such as fashion, cooking and lifestyle, without filling pages with dieting gimmicks known not work but rather focusing on fitness and healthy eating for the curvy woman.”

Read more about the magazine and it’s marketing team by clicking here!

Yay for South Africa!


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  1. I find it kind weird that South Africa is just now coming out with a publication featuring curvy women.
    Maybe its just a sterotype, but African men are KNOWN to embrace curves.
    Maybe the two are not even connected.

  2. Thanks for your well wishes :).
    As for the publications, they are late, but I am glad it has finally happened and hopefully more will do the same soon.

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I'm absolutely following you back now!

  4. Oh Im all about this post~Its all about curvy women. We all gotta stick together by the way..lol! Thanks for checking my blog, Im now following you as well! Im reading ur posts and we seem to be alot alike!!! LOL! Did I just find a new blog bestie that I never met already??? LOL!
    Love the blog chica!!!! Thanx 4 followin!

  5. Super cool! That magazine in South Africa is most definitely needed in a world where being tiny is desired and most of us are certainly not a size 0 to 2.

    Thank you for following me =) you are so sweet I'm following back!

  6. @Tammie: yes, that is odd, however I think that perhaps prominent South Africans, and many of those are White may subscribe to the Western idea of beauty which is thin. I dunno, just a though.

    @Keri: I'm glad too and I hope to see more to come!

    @Gracey: thanx babe!

    @M2B: I hope we will be blog besties! I love your blog!

    @Laura: I agree Laura! So glad I found your blog!

  7. Thanks! Please notify us if you looking for plus models



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