09 December 2011

What I’m Hearin’……Vogue

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What I’m Hearin’…

Man, I really miss the girl groups of the 90s!  Remember En Vogue, Brownstone, Jade, SWV, Total, and so many others?  When did the execs in charge decide that girl groups weren’t as profitable anymore?  I miss this harmony sound and coordinating outfits!  lol  I’m probably going to be killing this genre for a while!

**Leave me a comment and tell me, what was your favorite girl group?**

I’d have to say that my favorite was En Vogue so, please enjoy one of my favorite songs by my favorite girls, My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It).


And check it out, 20 years later and they’re still HOT!

En Vogue Kopia 2 envogue


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  1. Man, you took me back! SWV and Total are two of my favs. En Vogue wasn't nothing to play with either!! Love it!

  2. Haha, my mom wouldn't let me listen to En Vogue during my childhood since I was too young. But my favourite girl groups were Destiny's Child and Spice Girls.

  3. I loved En Vogue, Salt n Pepa, Destiny's Child, TLC ! Female groups have always been so cool ! Nice post ! KISSES !

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  4. These women are hothothot. I love their dresses.

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  5. hello

    I found you over on Between naps On The Porch

    I see you are a thrifter. I only wish I lived closer into St Louis for there is some great thrift resale shops they I found.

    I love Georgia and visit Savannah Georgia once a year hope to go again in March for a book signing at Back In The Day Bakery in Savannah


    ps I'm an old Motown girl

  6. So my age is showing - the girl groups I remember as big when I was out at clubs a lot were more like the Go Go's and the Bangles! LOL I'm sticking with I'm only as old as I admit!

  7. Music was so much better in the day!

  8. They are pretty hott still!!! But I was a Destiny's child fan :D Like a diehart !


  9. oh wow these girls are gorgeous! so fierce! :) i actually didn't know much about them, so thanks for sharing! :)

    B x




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