24 August 2012

What I’m Lovin’……Chastain



What I’m Lovin’…

Did I tell you guys that one of my wishes finally came true?  I finally got to see my celebrity twin, my hair crush, my favorite artist, my best friend in my own little world perform live!  Oh yes ma’am!  I saw my girl Jill Scott perform live at Chastain Park in Atlanta last month and she tore it DOWN!  (of course)

I was in there just tweetin’, screamin’, singin’ & dancin’!  She really gives a great show!  I love how she told us that we paid too much money for her to be running backstage and changing outfits every twenty minutes!  She stood there for about 2 hours straight and sang all of my favorite songs!




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  1. Yes mam!!! I loves me some her!!! So glad that you got to see her, I would love to see her too!!!




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