26 October 2012

What I’m Tryin’……Sensationail

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What I’m Tryin’…

Have you guys seen this in stores?


Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit by Nailene

I hated forking over $60 bucks but I just had to try it.  The starter kit only came in two colors so I chose the red or actually “raspberry wine” but below are the available colors.

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The kit came with the gel polish, gel cleanser, primer, gel color, filing tools, and a neat little UV lamp with an a/c adaptor.

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What it said it would do:

Provide “up to 2 weeks of dazzling, damage-proof wear…no chips, smudging, cracks, dulling and zero drying time…”

What I wanted it to do:

Look just as good as my gel nails do when I leave the salon and be a cheaper alternative

What it did do:

Made my nails look pretty good.  I haven’t taken any pics but I’ll post some soon.  My nails were just as shiny and strong as they are with my normal gel polish manicure and it looked exactly the same.  Even though the color in the starter kit was a bit boring, I’m looking forward to trying different colors soon! 


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  1. Gotta get that! Its paid for in two trips to the salon!!!



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