24 July 2013

What I’m Tryin’……BouGie




What I’m Tryin’…...BouGie



 So, my good friend Sabrina (pictured above) makes this product that she totally swears by.  It’s part of her BouGie Naturals product line.  After seeing her TWA (teeny weeny afro) grow into this beautiful, lush, golden crown, I begged her to let me try some. 



What it said it would do:

100% natural hair products that promotes hair growth and maintains hair health.

What I wanted it to do:

Be a good sealant after a wash and make my hair feel good and soft.

What it did do:

Just as the product boasts, it is 100% natural.  The ingredients list nothing but water and natural oils like Apricot oil, Coconut oil, Sage oil, etc.  I used the Day Serum after a wash just as I intended and it sealed pretty well.  It’s a little heavier than I thought so I probably wouldn’t use it everyday, just after a wash.  The only con would be the smell is not as pleasant as the night serum because of the different types of oils but I put a few drops of peppermint oil in the bottle and that took care of it.  I used the night serum the next day before going to bed.  I loved the way it felt on my fingers and the Japanese Peppermint oil smelled sooooo lovely.  I only used it on my scalp because peppermint oil can be rather strong. 


Overall, I was impressed with the product and I’m glad that I got a chance to try it!

If you’re interested in trying BoujiNaturals for yourself, then visit them here.



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