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What I'm Wearin’……Dresses


One wardrobe staple that I really love is dresses!  I rarely get the opportunity to wear them unless I’m going out somewhere nice.  I work in a prison and our Warden doesn’t want the ladies wearing dresses-  at least not dresses that I’d be caught dead in.  What a bummer!  Anyway, can you believe I used to NEVER wear dresses?!  I never thought I had the body type to pull them off.  Thank God I got over that!  Now I’m in love with them and they are my “go to” item whenever I’m going to hit the town!

I wanted to share with you guys some dresses that I’ve been eyeing lately!


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Check out this beautiful floral peplum dress by Anna Scholz for Marisota priced at $120.  Peplum has been one of my favorite trends this season and so many bloggers have been showcasing it beautifully.  I only have one peplum look but I really fell in love with this feminine cut.





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This is one gorgeous dress.  I don’t have the shape for it.  I’m a hardcore apple shape.  lol  But, if I could pull this look off I would.  It’s more for an hourglass shape.  This beautiful dress comes from Lane Bryant for $74.95.





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One thing I love about this dress is the sleeves.  So many plus size dresses are sleeveless which I cannot understand.  Many plus size women are notorious for not wanting to bear their arms.  So, when we find a great dress, we also have to find a great cover up or jacket and that is so annoying.  This little number from Torrid comes with sleeves so all that extra shopping is unnecessary!  It retails for $29.99!   What a deal!





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Another trend that has been here for quite a few years and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon is the maxi dress.  They are so comfy and chic.  No wonder they are here to stay.  This is a great one from Kiyonna for $138.00.  It even has sleeves!


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Another one of my faves out of the maxi dress trend is this maxi dress from Roamans which retails for $44.99.  It has a nautical look that showcases another popular trend which was all over the runway this spring, the Jailhouse Stripe.  This dress looks so cool and stylish.  I wish I had it when I went to the beach this summer! 



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What I’m Tryin’……Kainat

A couple of weeks ago at a Natural Hair Meetup in Savannah, GA I cam across a natural hair product company called Kainat Josephiné and run by two beautiful ladies, Katy Jo Holton & Khiara Washington.  I remember loving the way their products smelled and the way they were packaged.  The products are all mostly packaged in this kinda cardboard setup which makes everything from them look like a gift from the post office.  Don’t mind me, I’m a weird sucker for packages.  Anyway, I didn’t purchase any products at the meetup and that was a big mistake!  :o(

But, as Instagram would have it, I came in contact with this company again and they sent me something to review! 


Kainat Josephiné sent me their FINE HAIR MOISTURIZING CREAM in SANDALWOOD.

What it Said it Would Do:

“This all purpose moisturizer is a special lightweight cream for fine hair. Apply a small amount to wet hair as a general pomade, styling gel or moisturizer. Rub into locs and braids to keep them smooth and shiny, or use on those tough dry spots on skin and lips. Remember, a little bit goes a long way!”


What I Wanted it to Do:

 Kainat Josephiné presented the challenge to find a new use for their product.  They said that their users always find a new way to use it and if I find one, let them know.  Well, I did!  I used the product as a sealant and the cream worked so much better than the liquid oil I usually use.  I felt like I had more control of the product.  I usually have oil running down my back and neck or I don’t put enough on certain parts of my hair.  It’s a hassle. 

I parted my freshly washed, detangled, straight out of the shower, & soaking wet hair into four parts and clipped them. 




What it Did Do:

I shingled a generous amount of the product through each section until my entire head was coated.  Immediately, the water on my hair stopped dripping which let me know the product was sealing it in.  Yay!  My hair gets really dry so sealing in moisture is important to me.  Check out the pics after I applied.



The product also defined my curl pattern pretty well (see my “S” shaped pattern below), even better than defining creams and custards.  Those products usually make my hair sticky, plus the fragrance sours in my hair after a couple of days.  This product smelled pretty great.  The best way to describe the smell would be a mix of Vaseline, baby lotion, & lavender.  Really soothing fragrance. 




Kainat Josephiné even boasts that their product will slick down edges.  My hair is pretty soft but my edges are pretty coarse.  See how the product did below.




Added bonus, I even had less hair lost in the “hair fight” the next time I washed my hair.  That means my hair was definitely more moisturized and fought off more breakage.



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What I’m Wearin’……Murder
Hey guys!  I finally did something that I’ve been wanting to do forever and never had the chance!  I went to a murder mystery dinner!  Every since I saw this episode of Golden Girls, I have been dying (pun intended, I suppose…lol) to go to one!
The event was actually a bridal expo with a twist that played out like an entire wedding reception.  Even though I’m not a bride at the moment, I didn’t let that stop me from attending and I had a BLAST.  Check out my photos!  :o)
The Vendors…
The best wedding planners, photographers/videographers, cake decorators/bakers, florists, etc. in town sponsored the event and most of them had tables with samples of their work!

The Cast…
The Averitt Arts Center provided the entertainment for the night with an amazing cast that gave an impressive performance.  Plus, no wedding reception would be complete without “The Wobble” and “The Worm”!  LOL
And here I am pictured with tonight’s “killer”.  lol
The Spread…
Everything looked so delicious and I was so hungry that I forgot to take picture of most of the  delicious food sponsored by Magnolia Hospitality and red velvet wedding cake by Sweet Cheeks Bakery!  Forgive me!
In This Look…
Cobalt Dress from Avenue for $13 / Green Gem Sandals from Cato Fashions for $17 / Vintage Clutch from Madame Couture’s for $7 / Jade Bangles gifted from cousin / Green & Metal Necklace from Maurice’s for $5 / Earrings from Madame Couture’s for $5
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