08 August 2013

What I’m Tryin’……Karite




What I’m Tryin’……Karite’


My natural hair, when it is straightened, is down to my bra strap.  I never wear it straight because I like big hair.  So, needless to say it gets very, very tangled.  I have the hardest time detangling and i usually dread wash days.  It takes me almost an hour in the show to finally get a comb through all of my hair. 



A while back, I was sent this product to review (Karite’ Special Leave In Detangler by nuNAAT) and decided to give it a shot on my most recent wash day.  I started with my hair up in a puff (seen below) which always leaves my hair tangled and matted after wearing for too long.

IMG_20130729_180409 IMG_20130729_180439



I fully drenched my hair with water and applied a generous amount of the product to my soaking wet hair while in the shower.  I then detangled in sections.

20130804_194843 20130804_194845



What it said it would do:

Tames and detangles, making hair more manageable for styling.

What I wanted it to do:

Help detangle my hair and be a good conditioner.

What it did do:

This turned out to be the best Detangler that I’ve ever used.  I usually laugh at Detanglers because most of the time they only work about as good as conditioner does.  Karite’ Special Leave-in Detangler proved me wrong.  This product instructs to use after washing and as a leave in to help with styling as usual.  I would seriously remarket this as an in-shower Detangler.  Usually my hair is so matted and tangled from being up in a puff all week, that it takes me almost an hour to fully detangle and wash.  With this product, the process took half the time and the comb slid through my hair with ease.  I even loss less hair in the “hair fight” (removing dead and shedding).  See below.



If you’d like to see for yourself, you can purchase Karite’ Special Leave In Detangler at a Walgreens near you or here on Amazon

(It’s less than $6 both places.)



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