28 July 2014

Day trip! - Savannah, Ga

This past Saturday in Savannah, Ga.  :o)

Chocolate granola for my yogurt from Brighter Day Natural Foods on Bull Street.

The wall of granola and other nutty goodness at Brighter Day. 

Awesome artwork at Brighter Day. 

Fresh Market on Abercorn Street.  The wonderful guys in the meat department. 

Lunch at Cheddar's Casual Cafe in Pooler, Ga.

Last stop, three mall!

Until next time...


  1. Looks like someone is back blogging!!! Yay!!! What is three mall?

  2. yep, I'm back....sporadically... haahah That was a typo. It should say The Mall. lol Lemme fix dat!



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